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Otherwise… shoot this motherf-cker and let us take our Fraternity of assassins to height, reserved only for the gods of men!
~ Sloan asking the assassins to break the code and follow him.

Sloan is the main antagonist in the 2008 action-thriller film Wanted. He was the head of the Fraternity assassination squad 

He was portrayed by Morgan Freeman, who also played the Boss in Lucy Number Sleven.


Wesley Gibson is living a miserable life. He is bullied by his overweight boss, his cruel girlfriend and so-called best friend are having an affair, and his father abandoned him when he was young. Until he meets Fox, who tells him that his father had been killed by a rouge assassin named Cross.

She eventfully takes him to Sloan, the leader of the Fraternity, a league of assassins bent on protecting the innocent. He trains Wesley to kill Cross, telling him that he killed Mr. X, his father. Finally Wesley kills Cross, only to learn that Cross his his real father and every time he attacked Wesley was meant to protect him and separate him from Sloan and the Fraternity. Fox attempts to kill Wesley but he escapes.

Wesley finds Pekwarsky, a friend of Cross, who tells Wesley of Sloan's deceit. Sloan's name had once come up on a Kill Order and fearing his life ignored it and created his own Kill Orders. Cross discovered his and left. Filled with rage, Wesley shows up at the Fraternity headquarters and kills everyone, leading to a confrontation with Sloan.

Sloan's death

Sloan is dramatically sniped from behind by Gibson.

In Sloan's office, Wesley is surrounded by the remaining Fraternity members, including Fox. There, Wesley reveals Sloan's lies and Sloan admits it, but reveals that Kill Orders had showed up for everyone in the room and orders everyone to kill Wesley. Fox, believing in what the Fraternity stands for, kills every assassin pointing their guns at Wesley, including herself. But Sloan escapes.

Wesley is now back in his old and boring life. Sloan sneaks up on him and prepares to kill him, but when Wesley turns around, it's shown to be a decoy. The real Wesley is miles away and he shoots his former mentor through the back of the head with a sniper rifle, killing him instantly.


  • Sloan is Morgan Freeman's first role as a leading villain.
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