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Sloan: Eliza, you're a little troublemaker. First, you show up on my cheetah hunt, and then you jump from a train to save my rhino.
Eliza: He's not your rhino!
Sloan: Oh, really? And then, somehow, you knew the poachers had shot him at the river, yet you were on a train at the time.
Eliza: I guessed.
Sloan: Perhaps. And now you arrive in the jungle, knowing about a fence. A fence which no one witnessed being built, so, my little troublemaker, who told you?
Eliza: No one.
Sloan: Are your parents working with that Jomo person?
Eliza: They don't even know I'm here.
Sloan: Then, who is your source of information?
Eliza: There's no one!
Sloan: You know too much for a little girl. I have too much invested in this operation to let anything get in my way. If you don't tell me who they are, you'll never see that family of yours again!
~ Sloan interrogating and threatening Eliza.

Sloan Blackburn is the main antagonist (the secondary antagonist being his wife Bree) of Nickelodeon's 9th feature film The Wild Thornberrys Movie. He and Bree initially seemed to be kindhearted zoologists to Eliza Thornberry, but the couple turns out actually the evil, greedy and sadistic poachers who kidnapped the cheetah cub Eliza tried to save and also plan to kill a herd of elephants with an electric fence for their ivory.

He was voiced by Rupert Everett, who also played Lord Rutledge in Dunston Checks In, Dr. Claw in the 1999 live-action Inspector Gagdet film, Carnaby Fritton in St. Trinians, and Prince Charming in DreamWorks' Shrek franchise.


Sloan initially appeared as a friendly, polite, charming, kindhearted and animal-loving man, but this was just to disguise his true nature, in reality, as his wife, he is a cruel, greedy, murderous, evil, ruthless and sadistic man. Also, he is the one who is responsible for kidnapping Tally.

Sloan and Bree were also prominently behind a poacher plot to take advantage of the migration of a thousand elephants to Timbo Valley during a solar eclipse to massacre the elephants by driving them into an electric fence for their ivory.

Sloan is definitely the worst of the two. He shows all the traits of a sociopath, having no empathy for the animals and people he hurts, nor any remorse for his vile deeds. He is even perfectly willing to kill children should they interfere with his and his wife's plans. He is also very short-tempered, becoming extremely angry when things do not go his way and his plans are thwarted. Sloan is also a very arrogant man. Contrary to the charade he presented, he, in truth, has no respect for animals, considering them to be nothing more than stupid creatures, whose only use is to make people, like him, rich. This arrogance is what leads to his (literal) downfall as he underestimated the intelligence of the elephants who ended up bringing down his and Bree's helicopter. Sloan is also a coward as well, as he was seen in a state of utter panic and terror when his helicopter was brought down and again when the elephants cornered him. Sloan's only positive trait is his relationship with his wife Bree, whom he genially seems to love and respect (and vice versa). Despite this, Sloan has shown himself to have an irredeemable nature.


Sloan and his wife Bree are the unseen poachers who flew in a helicopter and kidnapped the young cheetah Tally on the Savannah, indirectly sparking Eliza's search for Tally and the poachers.

After returning to Africa from England, Eliza unknowingly encountered the poachers that had Tally, when she came to the aid of a rhinoceros whom Bree and Sloan had shot for his horn and the two arrived posing as concerned zoologists. Eliza, Darwin, and Donnie later ran into Bree and Sloan yet again at their camp, and the two allowed the group to stay with them for the night.

However, when Eliza discovered Bree and Sloan's poacher equipment in their RV along with a captive Tally, Bree and Sloan's evil true colors were revealed, and they took Eliza and her friends captive. Sloan was fearful about Eliza's mysterious pre-knowledge of the poachers' "fence" in Timbo Valley (actually obtained via Eliza's power to talk to animals) and what else she could know that could threaten Sloan's poaching operation. Before Sloan could interrogate Eliza on what else she knew, Debbie arrived looking for Eliza. Sloan threatened to kill Debbie if Eliza did not reveal how she knew this, forcing Eliza to reveal the truth about her power and lose it as a consequence. The resulting supernatural storm that started up as Eliza's power was taken back prompted Sloan and Bree to leave the Thornberrys behind and flee by chopper.

Later that day, as the poachers prepared at Timbo Valley to use bombs to drive the arriving elephants to stampede into their electrified fence, Sloan oversaw and the operation and gave the orders from his and Bree's helicopter. They almost succeeded in murdering all the elephants, but their plot was foiled when Eliza managed to stop the elephants and turn them around just before they reached the fence and the herd turns away from it. Enraged at Eliza's heroic interference, Sloan demands his henchmen to shoot, but they refuse since Eliza would be caught the crossfire. Snarling with fury, Sloan shrieks he doesn't care orders them gun down the elephants while he takes care of Eliza. 

Sloan forcefully snatches Eliza up on the chopper's ladder and hurled her into a waterfall. The poor girl is nearly washed away by the rapids before she is rescued by Shaman Mnyambo (who granted her the power in the first place). The Shaman tells her she saved the elephants using her heart instead of her powers. As a reward, he gives Eliza back her animal talking powers.

Meanwhile, Sloan and Bree then try to shoot the elephants down from in the air as a backup plan, but the elephants pull their chopper down out of the air by its ladder and destroyed it. Once the eclipse ended, a defeated Bree and Sloan were cornered by the vengeful elephants and arrested by the rangers for their illegal actions.





  • Although his true colors are not revealed until near the climax, he is one of the main antagonists, because he and Bree had bigger plans than anyone else and they were more dangerous than others. Plus, he and Bree were thought to be friends to Eliza, but are actually against her.
  • Sloan was inspired by Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Jafar from Aladdin, Shan Yu from Mulan, Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Rothbart from The Swan Princess, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and Lyle Tiberius Rourke from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
  • A minor instance of foreshadowing was shown during the movie, when Sloan and Bree insisted on Eliza, Darwin, and Donnie staying for the night, they were forbidden from going inside the camper, thus hiding evidence of their true occupation.
  • Sloan is rumored by fans to be the hunter who shot Bambi's mother.
  • Sloan is similar to Scar. Both roam Jungle, start out as guides to the heroines (Eliza, Nala), but turn out to be hunters, and their male enemies are nature lovers (Nigel, Simba).
  • Sloan is also similar to Abdullah. Both kidnap a cheetah (Tally, Duma) and capture the protagonists at one point (Eliza, Ted & Susan). Both are also willing to kill any innocent animal for a profit.
  • Sloane and his wife Bree are arguably two of the most evil villains to have appeared on a Nickelodian series.


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