Slur is Duo's subordinate, exclusive to the anime, and the last remaining NetNavi of the planet that created Duo. The human-like race responsible for Slur's and Duo's creation were called the Creators, according to Duo. Slur is Duo's main means of communicating with the Earth, and serves as the instigator of conflict throughout Stream. It is Slur who tests the humans worthiness to survive their master's judgement. Slur appears before people and offers them Asteroid Navis, special Navis that may take the appearance of MegaMan's past foes. These Navis boast superior strength and versatility to their Earth counterparts, and in most cases, are immune to conventional methods of dispatch, such as elemental weakness. Slur also provides humans with Dimensional Chips, through which Asteroid Navis may materialize as gigantic versions of themselves in the real world without a Dimensional Area present. While Slur's actions themselves may be interpreted as evil, Slur states Duo is not responsible for Earth's impending erasure - the humans themselves are to blame, for they use the Asteroid Navis for selfish gain. The evil energy cultivated by the Asteroid Navis is sent to Duo's comet, where it awaits usage as the "erasure wave." This is what later allows Bass to gain the upperhand during their second encounter, as Nebula Grey feeds off negative energy, and eventually leads to Slur's deletion.
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