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I say, Hello Noddy, It's me, Sly The Goblin.
~ Sly the Goblin
Hello Noddy, Here's the party.
~ Gobbo the Goblin

Sly and Gobbo are the main antagonists in the Noddy franchise.

Appearing as the main antagonists from Noddy's Adventures in Toyland onwards, they are a duo of mischievous and irritating goblins who love annoying and pestering the residents of Toyland.

Sly was voiced by the late Susan Sheridan, and Gobbo was voiced by Jimmy Hibbert.


Sly and Gobbo are the only villains who appear in the Noddy franchise. They are a pair of mischievous goblins who love to cause trouble for others and also have an obsession with coins. They are always seen going out of their way to create trouble for others and to steal from the residents from toyland with Gobbo appearing to be the leader of the two.

However, at the end of each episode they would seemingly apologize only to return to their old tricks come the beginning of a new day. While they were not particularly threatening or powerful they were definitely the closest thing to regular villains Noddy and his friends faced during the course of the series.


Gobbo is a rather ugly, short, skinny creature with flushed cheeks, a pointy nose and raggedy clothes while Sly is a more lanky scarecrow like goblin with pointed ears, a large chin, a raggedy jumpsuit and an elfish hat.


  • in the US dub of Noddy's Toyland Adventures which was used for the 1998 series The Noddy Shop Sly is portrayed as a female character.