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That ain't no real gun!
~ Smiley taunting Red
Who do you think you are???
~ Smiley taunting Red

Smiley Fawler is a boss villain in Red Dead Revolver.


Smiley is a train robber, in a gang with "Hatchet" Schultz and Rico Pedrosa.


Smiley is the main boss during the level "Railroaded", where he is killed by Red Harlow. Fawler holds the engineer Hank Pallman hostage, attempting to force him to wreck the train.

When "Railroaded" is played on Bounty Hunter Mode, the challenge is to kill Smiley within two minutes of starting the mission.

Journal Entry

Smiley usually lets his men do the hard work, which is not a bad strategy for a bandit boss. There are few who distribute and loot for him. But do not think that he cannot fight if cornered, he prefers to fight with a sharp Bowie knife.


  • Smiley is wearing a long red bandana over his face, so none shall know his identity.
  • Smiley has quite long arms, they are even longer than his body. It says in Bartlett's journal that he has long arms for silent knife kill.
  • Fawler is unlocked playable character after completing the mission "Mine" with an excellent rating, his multiplayer quote is "That ain't no real gun!"