Smiling Buzzard and Big Wheeze

Smiling Buzzard and Big Wheeze are the secondary antagonists of the animated Rankin/Bass Thanksgiving special "Mouse on the Mayflower".

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Smiling Buzzard is a violent Indian who wanted war with the Pilgrims. However, he quickly gets excommunicated from the Wampanoag Confederacy and wanders into to the wilderness, where he summons Big Wheeze, "the mangiest, meanest, most cowardly grizzly bear ever to lose his way up in Canada and end up in Cape Cod". They suddenly feel a twitch in their noses. They meet the sailors Quizzler and Scurve (apparently, bad guys can detect one another via their noses) and form an alliance. Then, they attempt to make it seem like the Wampanoag killed Quizzler in order to provoke a massacre. Willem and his new friend, a native mouse named Thunder, catch onto what the group was trying to do and perform a pantomime act to tell the Puritans and Natives to be friends. It worked for Standish. As for the villains, their cover was blown by Ms. Blake's chicken, which showed that Quizzler was playing possum. Standish proceeds to chase the foursome away with his musket. They headed due west, never to be seen or heard from again in this special.


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The four villains


Big Wheeze bears a rather striking resemblance to Baloo in "The Jungle Book".

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