The Smith Brothers are the fourth bosses from the video game Sunset Riders.


The Smith Brothers are pyromaniacs. They like to cause trouble and have a reputation of burning places. Because of their reputation, they have a combined bounty of $40,000.


The two brothers will stay at opposite sides on the screen. and despite both being sitting ducks the player must move constantly, as the brothers will be tossing Molotov cocktails and explosives at regular intervals. The player can use the chandelier to his advantage to quickly move away from a explosion while shooting the brothers.


Four bounty hunters find the Smith Brothers terrorizing a saloon. The siblings are setting the entire place on fire and abusing the dancers. However, they are interrupted by the bounty hunters. A battle begins and the brothers are killed by their own explosives. The dancers manage to escape during the battle.


Once both siblings die, a trio of dancers perform a show for the bounty hunters. This attracts all of their amusement except from Billy. Once the show is over, they mention Sir Richard Rose and the fact has a large bounty.

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