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I'm ready to skate bigger and faster than my mom can make the biggest sandwich in the world!
~ Smithy

Smithy is a minor antagonist and supporting character from the 2002 animated film Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa.

He was voiced by Eddie Driscoll.


Smithy is crude, immature and impulsive; this may be attributed to his young age. He tends to start fights and volley insults at people, especially Nicole, who he throws a plastic dinosaur at. However for all his flaws, he is a loyal friend to Ricky, and defends him against bullies and Nicole even in his absence.


Smithy is first seen in the classroom with the rest of Ricky's classmates as they exchange gifts. He often carries around a sandwich his mother made for him, but never eats it. When Zeke attempts to take it out of his hands, he becomes enraged and turns violent. He is enthusiastically misogynistic, and it is never explained why he hates his female classmates so much. As Ricky's best friend, he often gives him advice and his opinions on his dilemmas, and tells him that Nicole isn't a good person, though Ricky disregards his advice.

He frequently encourages Ricky to follow his dreams of becoming a rapper, and says that they should have a band. Ricky even sings about him. He also called out Nicole when she threw away Ricky's bear and insulted it. While attempting to retrieve the bear, him and his classmates are ambushed by guard dogs, but he throws his sandwich at them as a distraction.

At the end of the film, Smithy is seen with the rest of the characters and their families.


  • Smithy's father is never mentioned and in the end of the movie, its shown his only family member is his mom, which implies he is the child of a single/divorced parent.
  • Despite being critical of bullies, he ironically acts one towards Nicole.