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(Laughter) MINE! The pip crystals-an unimaginable power, lost for centuries. With the power of the crystals, Earth will fall like a ripe melon. Queen Vexus herself will declare me a hero. No more "Uggy-Buggy Smytus" or "Smyty-Pants Fatbottom". I will be "Smytus, Destroyer of Worlds!" (Laughter) You laugh, too!
~ Smytus
Not so fast XJ-9, you may have destroyed my mega weapon, and my ship, and my robot factory and my troops, but I still have one thing up my sleeve. Literally. Self destruct, Bab-ehh!! Every supervillains' last resort! Say goodbye to your beloved flesh bags. This ends NOW! in ten seconds.
~ Smytus's last words to Jenny Wakeman.

Smytus is the former general of The Cluster and the secondary antagonist of the animated TV series My Life as a Teenage Robot. He works under Queen Vexus, although he is often known to go off onto missions of his own even just to feed his own ego. When it comes to battling Jenny, he often has some tool or weapon which he uses to put him in a temporary upperhand only to eventually be outwitted by Jenny's intellect.

He was voiced by Steve Blum, who also voiced Vilgax, Makucha, Green Goblin, Starscream, Orochimaru, and King Nixel.


Smytus was first seen in Dressed to Kill as he became a pip crystal thief. While stealing pip crystals, he is meant to show Vexus he is a hero. One of the Clusterdrones laughed slightly, but he ejected them purposely down to Phillipe's. When Smytus became "Smytlona", he realized some pip crystals are stuck on some dresses and being constructed for Brit and Tiff. Insulted by them, he was shrunk after Jenny Wakeman unmasks him. The fight of pip crystal-themed dresses are over with Jenny showing the "Crystals are Out!" article on a magazine and the crystal dresses are locked away.

While returning to his original size in Sister Sledgehammer, Smytus returned to Earth again, manages to arrest Jenny and trap her to make the Clusterdrones assimilate her into the Cluster with millions of Clusterdrones becoming a massive doomsday machine by taking over her mind and body such as stealing her hands and feet, stab her body with two additional arms and stab her brain with a mind-control gem to hypnotize her permanently so she won't restore her senses. Back on earth, the act that sent out a distress signal which automatically reactivated prototypes XJ-1 through -8.

Smytus failed to assimilate the prototype XJ robots because XJ-8 hacks off the assimilating arm off with her ax arm. The prototype XJ robots ideally trapped Smytus' assimilated Cluster-possessed Jenny and used very strong dynamite, gunpowder, propane, nuclear, proton, fuse and time bombs to destroy her. Thanks to XJ-8 igniting a match, she causes the assimilated Cluster-possessed Jenny to malfunction, resulting into a huge explosion, killing her. The fight of Smytus' doomsday machine possessing Jenny is over and Jenny is in critical condition, but being cremated in the Tremorton Cemetary as the XJ-1 through -8 and Nora Wakeman took a lot of time to build a new Jenny and give her new senses.

In "Escape from Cluster Prime", when Vexus launched her invasion on the Earth, Smytus was put in charge of enslaving Tremortonites and putting them to work building more Clusterdrone robots for their army. When Brad and Tuck rounded up a mini coup to force the Cluster to leave, Smytus set to detonate Earth instead. Once Jenny had left Cluster Prime free of Vexus and with their golden computer chips returned, she came back to save Earth from being blown up.

In a last resort, however, Smytus set himself to self-destruct, but Jenny evacuated his ship of all her friend and allies, and then she tossed Smytus' ship deep into space where the resulting explosion wouldn't harm her home world. Smytus somehow survived his own detonation and appeared again, along with Vexus and Krackus, on a garbage asteroid. When Jenny happened upon that asteroid in "Trash Talk", Vexus planned to drain her of her energy, but the three got into an argument over how to use it.


Smytus accusing Jenny for being free from the Cluster's control and his Earth invasion incident.

Smytus is portrayed as an overconfident and power-hungry military leader that wants nothing less than the Cluster to enslave or at times eradicate the human race. He sees organic life as inferior to mechanical life forms that only should serve robots or be wiped out. Often he tends to boost on his high ranking within the Cluster and seeks not just more power but also the fame he feels entitled to. He is also shown a bit egotistic as he often boost of being a destroyer of worlds and was more concerned with getting a new pair of legs than escaping an asteroid he, Vexus and Krakus were stranded on and when Professor B found the three robot, he rebuilt his leg good as the last time.

Powers and Abilities

Smytus is a strong and capable leader of his army able to easily over power and nearly enslave the human race a minimum of at least once though he was more than happy to just destroy Earth and move on to another planet, due to both a hatred of organic life and possibly to get revenge on Jenny for her perviously stoping his attempts of conquest.


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