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(Laughs evilly) MINE! The pip crystals-an unimaginable power, lost for centuries. With the power of the crystals, Earth will fall like a ripe melon. Queen Vexus herself will declare me a hero. No more "Uggy-Buggy Smytus" or "Smyty-Pants Fatbottom". I will be "Smytus-Destroyer of Worlds!" (Laughs evily again then stops and says to his Cluster bugs,) You laugh, too!
~ Smytus

Smytus is the former general of The Cluster and one of the main antagonists of the animated TV series My Life as a Teenage Robot. He works under Queen Vexus, although he is often known to go off onto missions of his own even just to feed his own ego. When it comes to battling Jenny, he often has some tool or weapon which he uses to put him in a temporary upperhand only to eventually be outwitted by Jenny’s intellect.

He was voiced by Steve Blum, who also voiced Vilgax, Makucha, Green Goblin (The Spectacular Spider-Man), Starscream and King Nixel.



MLATR Smytus


Smytus is portrayed as an overconfident and power-hungry military leader that wants nothing less than the Cluster to enslave or at times eradicate the human race. He sees organic life as inferior to mechanical life forms that only should serve robots or be wiped out. Often he tends to boost on his high ranking within the Cluster and seeks not just more power but also the fame he feels entitled to. He is also shown a bit egotistic as he often boost of being a destroyer of worlds and was more concerned with getting a new pair of legs than escaping an asteroid he, Vexus and Krakus were stranded on and when Professor B found the three robot, he rebuilt his leg good as the last tim.

Powers and Abilities

Smytus is a strong and capable leader of his army able to easily over power and nearly enslave the human race a minimum of at least once though he was more than happy to just destroy Earth and move on to another planet, due to both a hatred of organic life and possibly to get revenge on Jenny for her perviously stoping his attempts of conquest.


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