Yeah, why can't we have some meat? What about them? They're Fresh!
~ Snaga complaining of hunger and later realizing Pippin and Merry.

Snaga was a minor, yet memorable, antagonist in the Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. He is an Orc scout who is Grishnákh's second in command. He is known for his memorable quote.

He is portrayed by Jed Brophy but voiced by Andy Serkis, whom also portrayed villains like Gollum, Ulysses Klaue in the MCU, and Supreme Leader Snoke in the Star Wars saga.


Snaga is first seen beside Grishnákh when they and their orc troops encounter Uglúk and his Uruk-Hai pack, whom carried Marry and Pippin as prisoners because they believed that they had the One Ring. The groups bicker, but travel together to get to Isengard.

After a long travel, the groups stop to take a break. They start chipping at trees to get a fire going. One Uruk-Hai soldier complains about the food they were granted to eat, bread. Snaga agrees, asking the question of why they couldn’t eat meat. Suddenly, he notices Marry and Pippin. He suggests to eat them. Uglúk tells him that they are not for eating. Grishnákh steps in by saying that they would only eat their legs and they would live. Uglúk, however, pushes him back.

The group leaders begin to bicker, while Snaga sneaks behind the Uruk troops to get to Marry and Pippin. Once getting to them, he announces that he just wanted a mouthful, a bit off the flank. Uglúk noticed him and decapitated him with a single swing. He then announced that meat was back on the menu. He and his Uruks ate Snaga’s Corpse.


Snaga was a slimy, ill mannered orc. He was very sly and sneaky. Snaga only believed his priority was himself, and his selfish hunger caused his demise.

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