The Snail Imagin are a pair of Imagin (one male and one female) serving Kai and antagonists in Kamen Rider Den-O.

The female Snail Imagin was voiced by Nanaho Katsuragi, and the male Snail Imagin was voiced by Takashi Irie.


The female Snail Imagin was sent be Kai to remove Yuto from the timeline. To accomplish this, the female Snail used the teacher of Yuto Sakurai as her host to travel to the past and eliminate the Yuto of that time, thus ridding the present timeline of Yuto. Angered by the loss of his friend, Ryotaro Nogami assumes Liner Form to fight the female Snail Imagin. The female Snail was weakened by Den-O with the DenKamen Sword's other modes before being destroyed by MomoSword mode.

The male Snail Imagin was then sent by Kai to abduct Kohana in order to force Ryotaro to accept Kai's offer to assist him in creating an ideal future. However, Ryotaro refuses and Yuto returns to existence Kai then sends the male Snail Imagin back into time to kill Yuto again. However, the male Snail Imagin was unable to match up against Zeronos' new Zero Form by Yuto and was destroyed instead.

The male Snail Imagin later appeared as part of the army of Imagin that invaded both the past and the present as part of Kai's plan to ensure the future of the Imagins.


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