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Snake is a minor antagonist in Lego, appearing as one of the villains who appears in the Lego Space Police III line of sets. He is a criminal and member of the Space Biker Gang.


Snake is a yellow-skinned alien with a cyclops-like eye in the middle of his face, surrounded by six extra eyes. He appears to have an eighth eye on his chest. He has a toothed mouth, and the printing on his minifigure seems to indicate a pot belly.

He wears a gray spiked helmet with a large faceplate and black visor. His belt has the Space Biker Gang logo on its buckle.


Snake's first set appearance was in Set #5972. In the set, he had stolen a Space Police cannon and was escaping with it in his massive space truck. A single Space Police officer pursued him.

In set #5979, Snake was captured by the Space Police and was being hauled to prison. However, Slizer came to rescue him.

Snake made another appearance in set #5980. In this set, he took his spacecraft to Squidman's workshop, presumably for a repair. One of the Skull Twins was present as well. However, a Space Police officer came to arrest the criminals.

Snake also came in the small Space Speeder set (#8400).

Snake had a recurring role in the series of Space Police stop-motion shorts. In the first episode, Interrogation, Snake was captured by the Space Police for interrogation. An officer came to the interrogation room to grill Snake about the Space Biker Gang's plans, though Snake refused to spill his gang's secrets. Just then, Squidman broke in to rescue Snake.

Snake returned in It's A Trap..., along with Squidman, Slizer, and a Skull Twin. They went to Chaddy's Intergalactic Junkyard to steal a Space Police vehicle that lay parked in the junkyard. However, the Space Police ambushed them and captured Squidman, Slizer, and the Skull Twin. Snake managed to escape, leaving behind graffiti that read "You haven't seen the last of us!"

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