Kill frogs.
~ Snake Walker explaining what he does.

Snake Walker is a supporting antagonist of the 1979 live action film The Muppet Movie. He is a professional frog killer hired by Doc Hopper.

He was portrayed by Scott Walker.

Role in the film

Snake has the presence of a professional assassin. He was first seen when he got out of his car. As Snake got out of the car, Doc Hopper introduced Snake to his henchmen and Doc tells Snake to show his minions what he does, and Snake takes off his goggles and says that he kills frogs.

He used his gun to shoot Kermit the Frog (however, it turns out it was just a cardboard version of Kermit that Max was holding).

Snake helped Doc and his henchmen to kill Kermit, but they failed. Snake, along with Doc and his minions, were defeated by Animal scaring them away.

He does not speak that much, as he only says one quote which is "kill frogs".


Snake Walker is a human wearing a black shirt, black pants, a black hat, black goggles, a gold belt and black boots.


  • Snake Walker has the same last name as his actor, Scott Walker.


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