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Snakebite Scruggs

Darn Tourists!
~ Snakebite

Snakebite Scruggs is a supporting antagonist in Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island. He is a fisherman who didn't like folks messing up his fishing. For catfish, he used a hunting pig named Mojo to help him.

He is voiced by Mark Hamill.


Scruggs appears as nothing more than a scrawny, over-worked catfish trapper. He wears a blue-green vest over a tattered white t-shirt, brown pants, a brown hat with a red stripe around it, and a belt which bears a snake-skull buckle) in all of his appearances. He also wears a necklace which hangs large spiky, bones or teeth around a small cord. Upon a glance he seems to be rather thin-framed, but he bears enough strength to hold alligator in place with his fishing pole (literally a long, teal pole with a cruel-looking hook on the end), and hoist Shaggy Rogers into the air and off of his boat with little effort. Scruggs's eyes are misaligned, the right one being completely glazed over, suggesting either cataract or some form of previous damage.


Snakebite is very rude, grouchy, paranoid and cantankerous, so he hates tourists because of how they accidentally scare away Big Mona, a giant catfish that he has been (unsuccessfully) trying to catch for years. Despite all this, he still seems to have some goodness within, as he (begrudgingly) saved Scooby from a nearby alligator.


When Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo fell off Jacques's car ferry and into the river they caught the attention of two alligators. Fortunately, Snakebite swam by on his boat, and fought the two alligators with his hook, allowing the guys to get onboard his boat (although at first he looked threatening with his hook). His act of kindness was a rather begrudging one, as their commotion scared away Big Mona. Snakebite's pig, Mojo, then appeared, snorting at Scooby. He commented that it was better than any hound dog (indirectly insulting Scooby), as it could smell a catfish a mile away. Mojo sniffed at the edge of the boat as Big Mona popped up, squrited at Mojo, but it ducked, and the catfish got Scooby instead. Snakebite cruelly laughed, also saying Mojo was a lot smarter than a hound dog, too. He then angrily hooked Shaggy's t-shirt and lifted him back on Jacques's ferry, with Scooby jumping back on the ferry by himself, and Snakebite went back to fishing. Shaggy thought he was suspicious, but Velma Dinkley pointed out he did save his life.

Later, when Scooby chased Simone Lenoir's cats, he fell into the bayou river, the one with Big Mona in it, frightening it away again, which angered Snakebite, so he sent Mojo to go after Scooby. During the chase from the zombies on the island, Shaggy and Scooby accidently got hooked by Snakebite's line, sending them crashing into trees until they got free. He stepped out from the bushes, angrily clutching his fist at them.

The next day, Snakebite and Mojo were boating and finally caught Big Mona. At the same time, Scooby was cutting it close boarding the gang's ferry, getting his foot caught in one of the dock's posts, trying to get loose, he forced himself in the air, knocking Big Mona out of its net and back into the river, with Snakebite responding, "Darn tourists!"



  • Snakebite may be a parody of "Crocodile" Dundee. Despite this, he bears a strong physical resemblance to Percival C. McLeach.


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