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Snap Trap is a minor antagonist in the Transformers franchise, especially Generation One. He was released as a figure in the 1988 toyline and was the leader of the Seacons.

Marvel Comics

Snap Trap was summoned to Earth by Shockwave, along with the other Seacons, to aid in construction of his new underwater base. When Galvatron was detected approaching the base, Shockwave ordered Snap Trap and the others to attack him. The Seacons proved inadequate, both attacking individually and combined as Piranacon, but fortunately for them it was merely a ruse: Galvatron was undermining Shockwave's position as Decepticon leader by tricking him into attacking him and making him an enemy. When Shockwave retrieved the remains of Megatron to use him as a weapon against Galvatron, Snap Trap was the one who repaired him and brainwashed him into serving Shockwave.

Snap Trap and the Seacons later joined up with the main Decepticon force led by Ratbat during their quest for the power of the Underbase. Under cover of running a holiday resort, the Seacons searched the seabed and, despite intervention from the Autobot Blaster, who managed to get the information as well, they retrieved the tapes detailing the Underbase's location. Soon after, Snap Trap ended up battling against Scorponok's Decepticon group when they became aware of the Underbase as well. Realising they had been manipulated by Starscream, who now had the Underbase power, the two groups formed an alliance with the Autobots. Snap Trap was part of the team defending New York but was rapidly deactivated by Starscream.

During Marvel UK's Earthforce storyline, a time-travelled Megatron possessed Snap Trap and attempted to lead the Seacons away from the battle, in order to preserve them to serve him in the future. However, he was defeated by Prowl and history continued as before.



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