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Snapdragon is one of the two Horrocon Triple-Changers a Decepticon Headmaster who appears as an antagonist in the Transformers G1 cartoon as well as its Japanese sequel anime The Headmasters.


The Transformers

Snapdragon was part of the team of Decepticons who participated in an operation to seize the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber from the Autobots. During the battle, the key was briefly used to open the Plasma Energy Chamber, causing it to throw both the key and several Autobots across the galaxy to the planet Nebulos. Snapdragon and several other Decepticons were then sent to Nebulos to retrieve the key.

In the initial scuffle on the planet, the Decepticons managed to capture several of the Autobots, but the Autobots managed to rescue their allies by becoming binary bonded to a group of Nebulan rebels, turning them into powerful "Headmasters". Snapdragon and the Decepticons later encountered Nebulos' corrupt ruling council, the Hive, and became binary-bonded with the members of the Hive to combat the Autobot Headmasters. Snapdragon's head was thus re-engineered to become an exo-suit for the Hive member Krunk.

The Decepticon Headmasters then launched an attack the Autobots to retrieve the key. After stealing it from the Autobot Brainstorm, the Decepticon Headmasters all returned to Cybertron with their new Hive allies to help Galvatron fight off the Autobots on the planet. After pushing back the Autobot forces, Galvatron used the key to open the chamber, planning to use it to destroy Cybertron and Earth. After Galvatron's plan was foiled, Snapdragon and the Decepticons escaped aboard Scorponok, only for a plasma energy shot to knock them into the depths of space.

Transformers: The Headmaster

Snapdragon and his fellow Horrorcon Apeface were originally followers of the Headmaster Scorponok before they were banished by Fortress to the farthest reaches of space for their crimes.

Some time later, the two were found by Galvatron and recruited into the Decepticons, who had also already been joined by the rest of Scorponok's Headmasters.

Marvel Comics

Snapdragon first appeared in the Headmasters miniseries as part of the group of Decepticons serving Scorponok on Cybertron. Following the disappearance of the Autobot group led by Fortress Maximus, Snapdragon and the others followed them to Nebulos, only to be defeated by the new Autobot Headmasters. After an assault on the Nebulan gardens by Snapdragon, Apeface and the Terrorcons was again foiled by Brainstorm and Hardhead, Scorponok agreed to upgrade Snapdragon and several others to Headmasters as well, with Snapdragon bonding with Lord Zarak's bodyguard Krunk. Now evenly matched with the Autobots, they managed to capture the Autobot Headmasters when they were distracted saving a group of Nebulans and slaughtered a number of the remaining leaderless Autobots until the Headmasters escaped to rejoin them. In the UK-exclusive story "Worlds Apart", set during the miniseries, Snapdragon and most of the other Headmasters ambushed a group of Autobot Headmasters. Snapdragon came close to killing Chromedome before being gunned down by Highbrow, although this was as planned, since Scorponok had actually prepared a trap for the Autobots and the ambush was intended to convince them otherwise.

Snapdragon made his first appearance in the main Marvel US comic in Issue #38, where he was part of Scorponok's first landing party on Earth, battling the Autobot Headmasters again. In "Time Wars", he was part of a group led by Misfire who recovered Scorponok's head. Along with Mindwipe and Triggerhappy, he was one of the few of Scorponok's troops not to be shunted into the limbo by the arrival of a group of Decepticons from the future. He joined the alliance of both era's Decepticons against Galvatron, but quickly discarded the truce when Ultra Magnus accidentally shot Scorponok, tearing into the Autobot. During the Underbase Saga, he was one of Scorponok's entourage when he made contact with Ratbat's Earth Decepticons, fighting Astrotrain when the two groups came to blows over the Underbase, and joined the joint ambush of the Autobots, attacking Fortress Maximus before being driven off by Blaster.

Snapdragon's appearances became scarcer, with him only being fleetingly seen in Issue #61 among the delegation objecting to Scorponok letting Starscream join them. However, he was one of the few members of Scorponok's original command to continue to appear after the battle with Unicron, taking part in Bludgeon's invasion of Klo in the last two issues and being involved in the final battle with the Autobots, where he was killed by Blaster.


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