Snare is an antagonist from the 2013 TV series Max Steel, featured on Turbo Charged and Turbo Warriors. He is a killer robot created by an unknown individual who was later murdered by his own creation. He was created with the concept of eliminating the human race, and as such, he has various dangerous weapons and traps that he uses to executes his victims. Alongside with Terrorax, Night Howl and Monstro, Snare is a member of Team Terror and is Tempestra's evil counterpart.

He was voiced by Giles Panton.


Turbo Charged

Alongside with Monstro and Night Howl, Snare is presented by Terrorax to lord Nexus. He charges them with his Terror energy and they are sent to fight against Max Steel and his Team Turbo, who were searching for Terrorax's Terror-powered emitters.

While La Fiera is distracted, Snare uses his energy lash to restrain him and activates his saw to execute him. However, the hero uses his Turbo Raptor Mode, and uses his agility to damage Snare's core and incapacitate him. Shortly after La Fiera left, the robot starts to rebuild himself and alongside with the rest of the Team Terror, they go back to Terrorax's hideout.

There, Team Terror face Max Steel and his team once again. Snare uses his blasters and explosive mines to handle Cytro and Tempestra. After the first is taken down, Snare uses an electricity net to capture Tempestra and prepares to launch a saw at her, but she freezes it and sends it back to him, thus defeating him. After Terrorax is taken down, Snare and the other supervillains are rescued by Team Turbo and are contained on their base.

Turbo Warriors

Terrorax manages to invade Team Turbo's base and eventually rescues Team Terror, who assist him in his mission of getting back the Terror energy generator. Terrorax and the team leave the base and he activates many bombs that he scattered while searching for his minions, causing a massive explosion. They go back to the Pantheon, where Team Terror and the Elementors are charged with Terror Energy to enhance their powers.

Team Terror is later on sent to fight against Team Turbo. Snare uses his saw and blasters to take down Tempestra. After doing so, Cytro is taken down and they are captured by the villains. They head back to the Pantheon.

Some time later, Max and Steel develop a plan and each member of Team Terror is taken down by Max and Alex on his bionic panther form. Snare is attacked by the latter and tored into pieces.

Powers and Abilities

Snare, by being a robot, has superhuman conditions and is stronger, faster, and more durable than an average individual and can fight during long periods without needing to rest. He has many weapons integrated onto his body, such as blasters, a saw launcher (which is his most used weapon), explosive mines, an energy lash, and others. His body is also extremely elastic and flexible, especially on the torso region.


Snare is a cold killing machine created with the intent of extinguinshing human life, and has various weapons built onto his body that he uses to kills his victims - a process that he has executed many times and feels no remorse for it, stating that nobody has ever escaped from him. Although he rarely speaks, he has shown to have a raspy, menacing voice. Like other members of Team Terror, he is highly loyal to the Nexus.


  • In Turbo Charged, Snare states that he has nearly six million ways of exterminating human life.


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