Snattle is a villain in the videogame Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. He is a Cipher Admin and the second one encountered in the game. He appears to wear a mood ring around his neck.

Snattle is first encountered in Phenac City where he replaced all inhabitants by Cipher agents, while locking the original inhabitants in a basement. The goal of this action was to make people think nothing strange was happening. He was meant to buy Gorigan the time he needed to get all the Pokémon out of the S.S. Libra. He used a Shadow Lunatone.

He is later encountered on Citadark Isle, Cipher's headquarters, where he challenges Michael to another battle. This time he useds a Shadow Solrock and Starmie. all his Pokémon revolve around celestial bodies (Moon, Sun and Star).

Being promised a rank as the governor of Orre, Snattle did his best to fulfill Greevil's desires. However, ultimately, he failed in his plans.

Snattle is encountered one last time in the Orre Colosseum. Upon defeat, he befriends Michael and says in a letter that should he ever become the governor of Orre for real, he'd appoint Michael to a high position. 

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