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The Sneak Army is a minor antagonist in the video game Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. It is an Emblem Heartless that appeared in the Olympus Coliseum multiple times.


While Sora and his friends were attending the Hades Cup, they were eventually confronted with the Sneak Army on more than one occasion. In some cases, they would be confronted by at least two Sneak Armies at the same time. The Sneak Armies would normally be invisible when they confront Sora and his friends. Despite this, they were all quickly defeated by Sora and his friends.

Powers and abilities

The Sneak Army is a powerful Emblem Heartless. Much like the Stealth Sneak, the Sneak Army can turn invisible, attack with their tongues and tails, and can shoot lasers out of it's eyes.


  • The Sneak Army is near identical towards the Stealth Sneak in appearance and fight style. The only difference is that the Stealth Sneak has green skin, while the Sneak Army has black skin.


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