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Submission Knight Sneldo is one of the new Knights of the Deboth Army in the year 2114 and an antagonist in the movie Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Returns: 100 YEARS AFTER.


Sneldo was created when Arslevan placed a new soul inside Dogold's body.

He first appeared alongside the other new Deboth Army generals to make their introduction to the new Kyoryugers. However, before they could attack, the Kyoryugers were escorted to safety by Zyudenryu Bragigas.

Back at their base, Sneldo was present when Gaos revealed to his subordinates a piece of Deboth's cells. Gaos then instructed them to gather the emotions of self-loathing, regret and envy, as they were needed to revive Deboth.

Acting on Gaos' orders, Sneldo ambushed a convoy of broken-hearted men and prepared them for a sacrifice. However, he was soon attacked by Soujiro, Icchan and Nobuta, who had received their proper colors of Kyoryu Green, Black and Blue respectively. The four season-themed Debo Monsters soon arrived to hold them off, but Ami-neesan and Uppy arrived to provide backup. Now possessing all of their correct colors, they were able to free Sneldo's hostages.

Sneldo and the other Deboth Army members later ambushed the Kyoryugers again and managed to incapacitate them all, including their mentors, Candelilla and Luckyuro. Just as they were about to use the negative emotions they had collected to revive Deboth, Arslevan backstabbed the other members of the Deboth Army and revealed himself as the embodiment of Deboth's regret, before opening a dimensional gate and using it to travel back in time to prevent Deboth's death.

Later, following Arslevan's defeat, Sneldo, Gaos and Hoshigallon revealed to the Kyoryugers that they were still alive before fleeing.

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