Snerbert is the main antagonist of the 2000 film Air Bud: World Pup, the second sequel of the Air Bud series. He is an illegal dogcatcher who was fired from his job and plans to capture every dog and sell them so he can get rich. He is the boss of Webster.

He was portrayed by Martin Ferrero.


When Buddy tries to get Patrick's wedding ring, he meets up with a female retriever named Molly, but when she notices Snerbert's truck, she flees in terror. During the party, Buddy and Molly meet again, but she again flees the scene when she notices the truck and leaves her leash behind. When Buddy returns the leash to Molly, Snerbert comes up with a plan to sneak into Emma's house to steal Molly.

Snerbert uses Webster to spy on the dogs by disguising himself as a butler and having Geoffrey Putter hire him. Webster sees the kids and realizes that Molly is having puppies. Snerbert pulls over at the house and orders Webster to open the front gate. Webster steals the key from Mrs. Brimstone and opens the gate. The pair sneak into the house to steal the puppies and are confronted by Molly. They lock Molly in and kidnap her litter. Buddy, Josh and their friends arrive at the scene to find that the puppies are gone and head out to find them.

Geoffrey realizes that Snerbert was actually fired from his jog as a dogcatcher and Josh, Andrea and Emma head over to Snerbert's home to rescue the puppies. As they get in, Snerbert hears them and Webster comes over to investigate. Webster notices Buddy's tail wagging and they are quickly caught. They are chased into a storage room and Webster tries to get them out, but Emma uses her whistle to call the neighborhood dogs over. The dogs find them and a chase is ensued. The other dogs corner them and they try to escape onto a ladder, but one of the dogs pushes it over. The kids find the puppies and Molly and the kids confront Snerbert. Webster explains his motives on how he wanted to get rich, while he only wanted a puppy. Webster decides to get Josh to the game, leaving Snerbert to be confronted by the dogs, presumably getting attacked by them.


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