Curses! Foiled again!
~ Snidely Whiplash

Snidely Whiplash is the main antagonist of the Jay Ward cartoon Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties.

He was voiced by the late Hans Conried.




Snidely Whiplash is modeled after classic Vaudeville and silent film villain stock characters, dressed all in black with a cloak and crooked top hat. His also has green skin, a large crooked nose, and a long handlebar moustache which he twirls with one hand at any opportunity. Snidely is fully aware and proud of his status as a villain, and does everything he can both to commit crimes and thwart or even defeat Dudley. His various schemes include robbery, kidnapping (usually Nell Fenwick), foreclosing mortgages, creating a giant monster, and his personal favorite, tying women to railroad tracks. Though he is shameless in his villainy, Snidely has at least once expressed frustration and shame for tying ladies to railroad tracks for no reason, claiming he's "got this thing" about it. One episode even involves Nell putting on a mock trial for Snidely, revealing that his railroad-tying habit was the result of growing up as an orphan with an interest in tying knots which, due to a lack of proper upbringing, led to tying ladies to railroad tracks.



  • He was portrayed by Alfred Molina in a 1999 live action film Dudley Do-Right.
  • He appeared in the 1950 Disney cartoon, The Brave Engineer.
  • Similarly to Bluto, Bowser , and Peg Leg Pete, he is a well-known cartoon philanderer who tries to steal the main protagonist's love interest, likely because he thinks she's pretty.


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Snidely Whiplash
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