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I'm gonna SLEIGH you?
~ The Snorge to Edd and Matt

The Snogre is an unnamed snow-monster and the main antagonist of Eddsworld episode The Snogre. He used to be a normal snowman that looks like a monster, but is brought to life by nuclear waste. He is voiced by Thomas Ridgewell.


One day, the Snorge is created by Tom when Edd, Matt and he are making snowman. Tom makes a snowman that looks like a big monster. However, meanwhile the plane is crashed into a "cloudberg" above them, causing a barrel of nuclear waste to fall from the sky. It lands in the Snorge, bringing him to life. The Snorge then starts to spit nuclear waste onto Edd's snowman and Matt's snowman versions of himself, bringing them all to life. He then destroys Edd's snowman and is about to attack Edd and Matt. Suddenly, Tom shows up with a snow tank and blasts the snow monster, destroying it. Edd asks how he was able to make a snow tank so fast, but the snow then falls off it, revealing that Tom used a real tank. Meanwhile, nuclear waste from the Snorge is poured in the street. Random people walks over it, causing they turn into Zombehs.


  • "Snorge" is a play on the words "snow" and "ogre".
  • The Snorge is the first antagonist who is a snow golem. He is also the first antagonist that Tom or any of the protagonists created.


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