The Snow Minions are the secondary antagonists in the 2013 Card Jitsu party on Club Penguin. They were Tusk's self created army of snowmen like minions.


The three leaders of the army Scrap, Tank and Sly had several different versions of themselves. These would all do essentially do the same thing i.e attack the three players with their various unique moves. Each round of the game would lead to the snow minions re-spawning and attacking once again. Their final appearance was in the final battle the players would do against Tusk, in which they would assist their master only to be defeated yet again. Like the rest of the villains in the original Club Penguin it is unlikely they will ever return due to the remake in the form of the mobile app Club Penguin Island.



  • Scrap was the first revealed member of the army as well as the first villain from the party to be revealed.
  • Tank is the hardest member to defeat due to him being the strongest of the army.
  • Sly appears to be the most intelligent of the army.
  • They each have a specific ninja who works the best against them (The Water Ninja works the best against Sly, The Fire Ninja works the best against Sly and The Snow Ninja works best against Tank).
  • Tank is the only one who doesn't use snowballs as his main attack method.


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