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The Snow Minions are the secondary antagonists in the 2013 Card Jitsu party on Club Penguin and the main enemies in the mini game Card Jitsu Snow. They were Tusk's self created army of snowmen minions.


Built entirely out of Tusk's jealousy and revenge against Tusk's ex-childhood friend, Sensei, this army of ninja snowmen go hostile against the team of the players' ninja penguins, by using their specific weaponry.

Powers and Abilities


Scrap throws one snowball upwards to hit it with its wooden tennis racket to hurt a chosen ninja penguin on one tile of the floor nearby then the snowball splits into pieces to deal damage on eight tiles all around the first hit, with the first hit dealing 8 damage to ninja penguins, and the split snow pieces dealing 4 damage each to ninja penguins.


Sly does a windup then throws its snowball like a bowling ball, the snowball homes into one chosen ninja penguin to hurt him/her, the farther the snowball goes, the more damage it deals, with the minimum being 3, when the chosen ninja penguin is one tile close horizontally or vertically. The fastest Snow Minion.


Tank chooses a ninja penguin that its next to, horizontally or vertically, to do a three tiles wide spin attack at the ninja penguin(s) with its snowball mace to deal 10 damage. The slowest Snow Minion.



  • Scrap was the first revealed member of the Snow Minions, as well as the first villain from the party to be revealed.
  • Tank is the only one of the Snow Minions who does not throw snowballs as his main attack method.
  • Despite having a sled shield, Tank doesn't have better defense nor take less damage than the other Snow Minions.
  • Scrap and Sly appear to be based on Tennis and Bowling respectively.


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