Snow Miser is one of the two main antagonists of the 1974 animated television short film The Year Without Santa Claus and it 2006 live-action remake, as well as one of the main protagonists of the 2008 animated spin-off special A Miser Brothers Christmas. He is the controller the world's heat, son of Mother Nature, and brother of Heat Miser and North Wind.

He was voiced by the late Dick Shawn in 1976 and Michael McKean in 2008, and Juan Chioran in the live-action reboot.


Snow Miser is the child of Mother Nature and sibling of Heat Miser and North Wind.

In The Year Without Santa, He was seen fighting his brother Heat Miser until he shot down Santa's Elves (Jingle and Jangle), and laugh maniacal until Heat Miser shot him his heat beams. He considers friendship with the Clauses for commercialized his seasons and easily agreed to help Mrs. Claus. Under the condition that his brother "Heat Miser" is under control of the South Pole. When he was reluctant to cede to his brother's terms until he was teleported to his mother's place along with his brother.

In A Miser Brother's Christmas, he learns how to work along with his brother and take care of Santa's workshop, as well as team up with Heat Miser to take down their stepbrother North Wind.


Snow Miser has a snow-white skin, pointy nose, and having ice as hair. Wearing blue elves shoes, and shirt, and a blue striped scarf, blue gloves, and sometimes wearing a blue straw hat. He also haves icicle hanging down of his nose.


Despite being stubborn and egotistical, Snow Miser is generally laid-back, and is considered to be the more calm and collected of the Miser Brothers. He is charismatic and affable, and is open to making deals and helping others out, though he has a massive disdain for his brothers.


Snow Mister can manipulate the cold, and controls the cold weather of the world. He can generate snow from his body, and can turn most anything he touches into snow. Additionally, his is assumed immortal.




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