Snowbell is the main antagonist of the 1945 novel Stuart Little, the deuteragonist of its 1999 film adaptation and the tritagonist of its two sequels. He also appears as one of the main characters of the animated TV show, Stuart Little: The Animated Series. He is the Littles' pet cat, Stuart Little, and Monty's best friend and Smokey's former client.

He was voiced by Nathan Lane (who later voiced Preed in Titan A.E. and Hamegg in the 2009 Astro Boy film) in the first film and the second film, by Kevin Schon in the third film, and by Quinton Flynn in the TV series.


Early life

It is unknown about Snowbell's past but he has been in the Little family longer than George.


In the novel, Snowbell is a malevolent and manipulative villain who is prepared to kill Stuart and Margalo and he did not care about any of their safety. In the films, Snowbell is seen as a friendly and thoughtful animal.

In the first film, Snowbell disliked Stuart at first. And then, he wanted to kick him out of The Littles' house. First, he appeared when he tried to devour Stuart, but Mr. and Mrs. Little demand him to spit him out. But then, they reprimand him not to harm Stuart, because he’s a family member now. He becomes very caring towards Stuart when he rescues him from The Alley Cats and he concurs to assist him with fighting the Falcon and rescue Margalo from Falcon at last.


  • In contrast to the first film, where Snowbell reformed and he became friends with Stuart, his novel version kept his hostility toward Stuart.
  • Snowbell's best friend in the films and TV series is Monty, while his best friend in the novel is the Angora Cat.

Villainous Acts

  • In the novel, he was willing to kill Stuart Little and Margalo and he did not care about their safety. It was also implied that either Snowbell or one of his friends killed Margalo.
  • In the first film, he was willing to kill Stuart Little and he hired Smokey to kill Stuart.



  • In the novel, it was implied that either Snowbell or his friend, The Angora Cat, killed Margalo.


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