The Snowmads are the main antagonists of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. They are a group of viking-like animals that invaded and conquered Donkey Kong Island during the events of the game. They are led by Lord Fredrik.


The Snowmads are a group of viking-like animals that seemingly invades other islands to conquer them. At one point, they sets their eyes on Donkey Kong Island.

They eventually manage to locate the island and arrives on Donkey Kong's birthday. Upon founding the island, Lord Fredrik blows into his horn to summon a ice dragon. The ice dragon flew to the island and use it's wind to blow away the Kongs when they went out to investigate. With the kongs gone, the Snowmads seize the island and stationed their ship to the former location of the volcano, turning it into a icy wasteland.

With the Kongs blown all the way to Lost Mangroves, they are forced to travel through 5 islands in order to return to their home. Throughout their journey, they encounter a variety of Snowmads that are invading more islands and face off against high-ranking members of the Snowmads in each island.

The Kongs eventually managed to make it back to their home, where they discovered it's been turn into a frozen wasteland. They make their way to the top of the Island to confront the leader of the Snowmads, Lord Fredrik. Though Lord Fredrik put up a tough fight, he was ultimately defeated by the Kongs and was launched out the islands by Donkey Kong. Lord Fredrik crashed into the Snowmads ships, destroying them in the progress.

Donkey Kong then found the horn Lord Fredrik uses. Donkey Kong blows into the horn, but instead of the ice dragon, it produced flowers. It melts all the snow and ice off the island, ending the Snowmad's reign over the Island.

Physical Appearance

The Snowmads wear typical viking clothing. They wear horned helmets, trousers, and belts bearing the tribe's emblem. The majority of the Snowmads consist of antarctic animals. They include penguins, waldoughs, rabbits, and owls.

Notable members




  • Tucks
    • Tuff Tucks
    • Pointy Tucks
    • Trench Tucks
    • Archies
    • Boom Birds
    • Speedy Tucks
    • Painguin Tucks
    • Papa Painguins
    • Soaries
    • Big Sphens
  • Fluffs
    • Tuff Fluffs
    • Haries
    • Harolds
  • Hootzes
    • Pufftons
    • Tufftons
    • Hot Hootzes
    • Blue Hootzes
  • Waldoughs
    • Walbricks
    • Walnuts
    • Chum Chucker Charlies
    • Fish Poker Popses
  • Lemmingtons



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