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Sofia is the posthumous overarching antagonist of the second season of the Netflix show You. She was an au pair hired by the Quinns for their twin children, Love and Forty Quinn.

She was portrayed by Brooke Johnson.


As mentioned in episode 2.05, "Have a Good Wellkend, Joe!," Sofia was hired by Dottie and Ray Quinn as an au pair for their twin children, Love and Forty, who were 13 years old at the time. She was described as being 19 years of age and from Spain, and at some point, Sofia turned heel and molested Forty, who saw Sofia's actions as being part of a relationship.

In the season finale, "Love, Actually," a flashback scene showed the evil Sofia continuing her seduction and molestation of Forty, with Love witnessing Sofia's actions. Love claimed that Sofia was caught by Dottie and Ray, leading to her being terminated and later committing suicide. Forty actually confessed to a drugged up Joe Goldberg that he murdered Sofia, but the flashback scene revealed the truth: Love killed Sofia by slashing her throat with a knife, and later framed her brother. Love revealed Sofia's true fate to Joe in the finale, as part of her own on-screen heel turn that began in "P.I. Joe."



  • Dottie Quinn - Employer
  • Ray Quinn - Employer
  • Forty Quinn † - Seduced