Sofia Freeman
It was her fault. I told her to stay away. She should have listened.
~ Sofia Freeman revealing that she killed her stepmother, Shelley
Sofia Freeman is the main antagonist from "Blue Christmas," episode 2.11 of NCIS: New Orleans.

She was portrayed by Erica Dasher.


Sofia Freeman is the daughter of Navy Commander Thomas Freeman, and the stepdaughter to his second wife, Shelley Freeman. Her backstory only revealed that her mother passed away when she was six years old, and it was slightly before the episode's events that Thomas married Shelley. It was also revealed that Sofia despised Shelley, believing that she was coming between her and her father. In one incident, Sofia threw a glass towards Shelley in a fit of rage.

Sofia began masterminding break-ins, with students Alonzo, Beth, and Jake as her cohorts. Late one night, Sofia convinced her collaborators to return to her home for another job, but in actuality, the villainess planned to kill her stepmother, which she does by shooting Shelley in her head. Later in the episode, the evil Sofia shot Alonzo in an attempt to kill him, doing so because he could confess everything and reveal Sofia's role as the villainous ringleader.

Throughout the investigation, Sofia pinned everything on Alonzo and when Pride caught her with a gun, she falsely claimed that Alonzo was coming after her. With her father present, Sofia admitted her role in the break-ins, claiming that she was forced into participating. However, Pride revealed Sofia's true malevolent personality; showing documents that stated that Sofia had a habit of using violence to get what she wanted, and she had also coached Jake and Beth to throw Alonzo under the bus. Sofia's hatred of Shelley was also revealed, and following this, Sofia finally showed her true colors and ominously stated that she warned Shelley to stay away from Thomas. Sofia was later arrested (off-screen) for the thefts and for her stepmother's murder.

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