Soh-Larr is a minor antagonist of the 2019 Marvel film Captain Marvel. He is a Kree spy scout who was tasked by the Supreme Intelligence to provide intelligence for the Kree Empire.

He was portrayed by Chuku Modu.


Being a loyalist of the Kree Empire and aware of the Supreme's Intelligence's plot to wipe out the Skrulls (led by Talos) from the universe, Soh-Larr was tasked to provide intelligence of the Skrulls' whereabouts. During his latest mission, Soh-Larr was able to pinpoint several of the Skrulls' location in the planet Torfa, but Talos and the Skrulls expected his arrival and kidnapped him.

With Soh-Larr captured, Talos impersonated him while sending a distress call to the Kree Empire, forcing Supreme Intelligence to send the Accusers and the team Starforce (led by Yon-Rogg) to Torfa to rescue Soh-Larr. However, Starforce member Vers soon learned that it was a trap just to lure herself to the Skrulls so they can access her memories.

Eventually, through her memories, Vers soon learned that she was once a U.S. army pilot named Carol Danvers who absorbed the powers of the Light-Speed Engine before being taken in by Yon-Rogg to serve for the Supreme Intelligence, and that the Skrulls lost their homeworld due to their refusal to submit to Kree rule. This made Vers realize in horror that she was tricked by the Supreme Intelligence to lead the Skrulls to the Kree Empire, and that Soh-Larr was involved in the plot all the time.

It is unknown what happened to Soh-Larr following Starforce's defeat; either he was killed by the Skrulls or was still detained.


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