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Plan B is just as entertaining.
~ Sokol
Sokol is a playable character in 2013 video game Payday 2.

He's a russian fomer hockey player who joined Payday Gang.

He was voiced by Alexej Manvelov.


Sokol was a hockey player who attacked the St. Petersburg hockey team, but between the matches this dashing athlete bombed the casino, and not only in St. Petersburg, he left a trace of empty vaults from Moscow to Minsk.

In the end, the Russian police went on his trail. Sokol was able to hide from the law, but understood that the activity of a lone robber was over for him and became too risky. However, having extensive connections, Bain noticed a young robber and contacted him, asking him to get $ 1.4 million for the case, moving to America and joining the PAYDAY gang.

Sokol again showed his intellectual abilities and agreed with Bain for 1.7 million, after which he flew to Washington.

After the dissolution of the PAYDAY gang, Sokol took his share and moved to Cyprus with his friends and family. Soon, his new organization had a significant impact at the highest levels of the country (secret, good ending).

In FBI Files

A recent addition to the Payday crew, we believe youthful and energetic “Sokol” to be Russian. Since the large drill used at the Golden Grin Casino heist was constructed with several parts imported from Russia, we also believe that this apparatus was designed by “Sokol”. This could indicate that, despite his young age, “Sokol” has significant experience in vault breaking, and we should consider contacting Russian authorities for information regarding similar MO’s.

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