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Yes. You will be safe high upon this peak. Far, far away from the city of Elarion.
~ Sol Regem telling Ziard that he's going to destroy Elarion.

Sol Regem is a minor, but pivotal antagonist in The Dragon Prince. He is an ancient and powerful Sun Archdragon with a bitter hatred of humans, who was the original King of the Dragons for two hundred years.



One thousand and two hundred years before the present, Sol Regem became the first king of the dragons. At some point during the last years of his reign, Dark Magic was discovered by a human mage named Ziard, who gathered a group of followers to poach the essence of magical creatures in order to make live easier for humanity. Not liking this, Sol Regem arranged a meeting with Zirad in order to confront him about his and his followers' use of dark magic, promising not to hurt him. However, when Zirad stubbornly refused to surrender his staff, Sol revealed the catch of the promise he made to Zirad; if he refused to give up dark magic the dragon would destroy the nearby city of Elarion as punishment. Though initially horrified, Ziard was convinced Sol Regem was bluffing, so the Archdragon flew to the city to prove him wrong.

However, before Sol Regem could reach Elarion, Zirad, in a desperate attempt to stop him, used his staff to harvest a flock of Sun birds, which had a symbiotic relationship with Sun dragons. Angered by this, Sol Regem turned back to get rid of Ziard. The two than exchanged fiery blows that left Ziard dead and Sol Regem permanently blinded. Despite this, a poem about Elarion confirms that Sol Regem, with his keen sense of smell and hearing, managed to overcome his inability to see and destroy Elarion along with nearly all of its inhabitants. However, a few people managed to survive Regem's genocide with help from a Startouch Elf named Aaravos.

Sol Regem was later succeeded as monarch of the dragons by a female Moon Dragon named Luna Tenebris. At some point after Xadia was divided in two, he took up residence in a rocky gorge near the border and guarded it from humans, relying on his sense of smell and hearing to detect intruders.


Upon crossing into Xadia, Callum, Rayla, and Zym came across Sol Regem sitting at a small rock cliff. As he is blocking the way to Xadia, they attempted to sneak past him, using his blindness to their advantage. However, the plan failed due to Zym's fearful whimpering. Hearing this, Sol Regem breathes fire at their directions nearly hitting them. Left with no other options, Rayla decided to confront him directly, asking for his permission to re-enter Xadia, using Zubeia's name and explaining that they were transporting Zym, the Dragon Prince. He granted his permission to them both to pass, but will not allow Callum, considering him to be a wretched, evil human. He gave the ultimatum to either kill just Callum or all three of them. Rayla agreed with Sol Regem that some humans are evil, but not Callum. She explained to him that Callum is the reason why Zym is alive and she considered Callum to be her best friend. She begged him to allow Callum to pass. Sol Regem sniffed and scented the reek of dark magic on Callum and declared that he must die. Callum had an idea that they could trick him and create a false appearance by attaching his scarf, which carries his scent, onto Rayla. Though it was a dangerous escape, using this and other distractions, they successfully navigate past Sol Regem.


Sol Regem is an enormous male Sun Dragon with golden scales, red wings, a light underside, and six large horns that resemble rays of sunlight. He sports tufts of red fur on his elbows and tail, dark brown claws, and a mane of white hair above his neck. In his youth, he was smooth-scaled and had small, glowing blue eyes. After being blinded by Ziard, he gained a massive, red burn scar that covers most of his face, including his ruined eyes.

1000 years later, Sol Regem’s body shows signs of aging and deterioration. His muzzles are torched, his scales are flaking and considerably darker than in his youth, parts of his horns have cracked or chipped off, his chin now has a short white beard, and there are several holes and tears on his wings, as well as a few noticeable scars on his neck and limbs. He has also grown a pair of small, rhino-like horns on his nose and three grey spikes above each eyebrow.


Sol Regem is shown to be an dangerously arrogant and ruthless misanthrope, implied to be guilty of Racism/Specism even before Dark Magic was invented. This was shown when he coldly called humans "lesser beings" after Ziard expressed concern about humanity's being when Sol Regem demanded him and his followers to surrender the practice of Dark Magic. Sol Regem is shown to have no qualms killing a human being regardless of their age and alignment either to spite somebody else he dislikes or to get them out of the way and is the least bit sorry about it.

Sol Regem is also shown to be a hypocrite; although he genuinely despises dark mages for their poaching of innocent magical creatures, he is perfectly willing to murder innocents himself if they refuse to yield to his demands. A prime example of this is that he didn't hesitate to burn the hundreds of thousands of innocent people living in the city of Elarion as punishment for the actions of Zirad and a few other dark mages. Another example is when he refuses to let Callum into Xadia as a result of the latter being human; Callum agrees to return home and allow Rayla and Zym to complete their journey without him; Sol Regem, however, is ungrateful since if Callum isn't doing to die, then Sol wouldn't hesitate to kill Rayla and Azymondias even though the two are also Xadian with Zym being a fellow dragon (not a Sun Dragon) and an infant.

It is very heavily implied that Sol Regem is feared and disliked even by other Xadians, as Zym and Rayla are visibly scared of him, and the latter states that he has been a symbol of rage and bitterness ever since losing his sight.

Powers and Abilities

  • Pyrokinesis- As a Sun Archdragon, Sol Regem possesses a vast connection to the magical energy of the Sun. He can use that power to unleash a massively destructive fiery blast from his mouth, and his belly and throat glow orange when he performs this ability.
  • Bilingualism- As an Archdragon, Sol Regem has the ability to not only speak dragon but also Human and Elven.
  • Flight- Sol Regem has the ability to fly with his massive wings.
  • Superhuman strength- Sol Regem is immensely strong, capable of smashing solid rock with his claws or tail.
  • Superhuman speed- Sol Regem is surprisingly fast and agile for a creature of his size.
  • Superhuman sense of smell- Like all Dragons in The Dragon Prince and many dragons in various other media, Sol Regem has an excellent sense of smell which he became more dependent on after he was blinded.
  • Superhuman hearing- As a dragon, Sol Regem hearing is keener than that of a human.


Sol Regem can only use his firebreath once every few minutes; after breathing fire he needs to recharge. Every time another of the scales on his underside glows, he is one step closer to being fully charged.

Sol's blindness can allow others to sneak past him, if they are skilled enough.

Sol's rage and hatred clouds his judgment, which can allow others to outwit him.