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The Soldats are major antagonists of Resident Evil Village. They're the robotic undead created by Karl Heisenberg along with the Cadou parasite.


Some time after Heisenberg bestowed his factory, he start experimenting on human corpses to build an army of modified mutants whom he called "Soldats". He would use Lycans to test their combat capabilities, with most of them armed with drills and metal equipment.

When Ethan entered Heisenberg's factory, he encountered and fought his Soldats on the way to the office. Heisenberg would have a failed Soldat named "Sturm" guarding the lower level of the factory, also the executioner, however Ethan managed to destroyed it.

During the battle with Heisenberg, all Soldats were destroyed in the factory by Chris.


Most of the Soldats use arm-mounted drills to impale, bludgeon, and shred their enemies. Their main weakness is the red-glowing port on their chest, used to vent heat from their Cadou reactor. Unlike the other mutants who were infected by the parasite, Soldats don't calcify but rather implode due to their reactor.

There are several types of Soldat encountered in the factory:

Eins: The basic Soldat, with the left arm replaced by a drill.

Zwei: An upgraded Soldat Eins with both arms replaced by drills. Reactor vent has also been moved to the back and the upper head is exposed with the lower half being covered by a face mask.

Jet: An elite Soldat with a jet pack allowing it to make swift, lethal charges. Its head armor contains a laser sight to help it line up its dash attack; however, this can also give alert players warning to get out of the way.

Panzer: An large Soldat with three drills on each arm and its entire body encased in heavy armor.

Sturm: An Soldat with a massive, bladed propeller mounted on its torso.



  • Soldats are heavily based on Zombots from Frankenstein's Army.


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