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dNOTE: This article is only for the TV version of Soldier Boy. To see the article for his comic-book counterpart, go to Soldier Boy.

I mean, goddamn it. We were ten and one, you know? I led the 116th onto Omaha Beach. I was in the f-cking Eagle's Nest. I fought for this country! I fought for this country. And what did I get for it? Forgotten. Left to rot by my own team.
~ Soldier Boy ranting to Hughie Campbell.
I loved you. All those years that they burned me, and that they pumped me full of poison and I held onto the hope that you would come and you would save me. Because I still loved you.
~ Soldier Boy professing his love for Crimson Countess shortly before killing her.

Ben, better known as Soldier Boy, is a major antagonist in the Amazon TV adaption of the controversial adult comic-book series The Boys, serving as a mentioned character in Seasons 1 and 2, and a major character of Season 3.

He was America’s first, greatest and most popular superhero whose genetics were used to create Homelander, making him his biological father. Soldier Boy led his fellow American troops in battle during World War II alongside his superhero team, Payback. It is assumed by the public that he had fought for justice and liberty for all, until his disappearance during a botched operation in Nicaragua in 1984, with the cover story being that he heroically sacrificed his own life to save America from a nuclear power plant meltdown.

However, he was awfully corrupt throughout his time as a hero and was responsible for the deaths of Mother's Milk's family members in the 1980's after he punched a criminal's vehicle onto Mother's Milk's family home. And in actuality, Soldier Boy was betrayed by his team and kidnapped by Russian agents in Nicaragua to be brought to Russia to be tortured and experimented on for many years to come, until he was rescued by The Boys in 2022 to aid them in taking down Vought International and killing Homelander.

He is portrayed by Jensen Ackles, who also played Dean Winchester in Supernatural, Jason Teague in Smallville, Tom Hanniger in My Bloody Valentine, and voiced Jason Todd in Batman: Under the Red Hood.


Early life

Vought International made the public believe that Soldier Boy was a superpowered being who grew up in poverty and volunteered during WWII to fight for his country. However, he was actually part of a series of experiments by Dr. Frederick Vought, who was testing Compound V on various test subjects to make superheroes to fight in the war. This led to such superheroes as Soldier Boy, who killed German soldiers by the dozen and as a result, being hailed by America as a hero. He is also resposible for the establishment of National Super Hero Day on April 28th as a way to honor all the heroes at the time.

Leader of Payback

Due to his slow-aging, he remained a superhero for Vought for decades, and even founded Herogasm in 1952 - an annual sex party involving superheroes where he and Stormfront - then known as Lady Liberty would take part in. He eventually became the leader of a superhero team called Payback, where he would fight crime alongside Crimson Countess, Gunpowder, Swatto, Mindstorm, Black Noir and the TNT Twins. On July 12, 1982, in Queens, New York, Soldier Boy and Swatto reportedly assaulted a homeless man in a park for unknown reasons and also during the 80's, Soldier Boy was also responsible for killing Mother Milk's family as he was chasing a criminal attempting to flee in a getaway car only to punch the car onto the family home of Mother's Milk, killing his family members as a result.

Soldier Boy did not have a good relationship with his teammates with the exception of Gunpowder of whom he took under his wing. He would frequently threaten and abuse his teammates including his then-girlfriend Crimson Countess whenever they questioned his authority. Black Noir received the most abuse as he wanted to rise up the ranks and become a high-tier supe of which Soldier Boy dissaproves and as a result, he often beats Black Noir to a pulp on multiple ocassions.

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Powers and abilities


  • Superhuman strength: The only superhero who has come close to being almost as powerful as Homelander is Soldier Boy himself hence, being the most powerful superhero before Homelander. During the Nicaragua incident, he displayed enough strength to take on several trained soldiers at once and overpower them without no effort whatsoever. He was able to send one through a wall of corrugated metal and backhand another with his shield with enough force to catapult him hundreds of feet away. His shield is extremely heavy, so much so that normal humans such as Hughie Campbell are unable to even move it, yet Soldier Boy himself can effortlessly wield it one-handed. He is also strong enough to lift and throw a full-sized car like a child's toy. A true testament to his strength was his ability to almost match Homelander in a brutal hand-to-hand brawl, where the two initially appeared evenly matched, trading staggering blows, catching Homelander off-guard a couple times with his punches and throwing him around like a ragdoll.
  • Enhanced speed: Despite possessing a form of super speed, he is still not as fast as A-Train but his speed level matches that of Homelander's speed level so much so, that he is able to keep up and trade blows with him during their brawl. He's quick enough to take on several soldiers at the same time and use his speed as an advantage when throwing his shield towards his enemies.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Soldier himself can withstand blasts and attacks from military-level weaponry. Explosions or fire won't effect him one bit as proven by his involvement in WWII which left him unharmed. He also walked off the fight with Homelander with no visible injuries present on him. He endured several punches and being thrown into walls, each time getting back up to counter with his own attacks. Although, while not breaking skin or bruising, Homelander's attacks did have enough force to stagger Soldier Boy and knock him down, requiring the aid of Butcher and Hughie to subdue the more powerful Supe. Soldier Boy is also capable of withstanding his own nuclear explosions, without taking any damage.
  • Longevity: Despite having been born in 1919, Soldier Boy appears to not have aged at all since World War II, as he has the appearance and the health of a man in his thirties.
  • Energy blast: After gaining the power of a nuclear reactor, Soldier Boy now possesses the ability to fire tremendously powerful blasts of radiation-infused energy from his upper torso. He can release the energy as a forward-facing beam which lasts several seconds before his energy is depleted. He often scythes by changing his direction as the beam discharges, creating a wedge-shaped or omnidirectional wave of destruction. The beam is incredibly destructive, powerful enough to completely vaporize a normal human, reduce another Supe to a charred corpse, fling a Supe as durable as Kimiko through a concrete wall, and destroy multi-story buildings with ease. When he unleashed it at Herogasm, the beam was strong enough to nearly destroy most of the TNT Twins's home, as well as kill a dozen attendants.
  • Power nullification: It appears that Soldier Boy's ability to produce radioactive beams of energy is powerful enough to burn the entirety of Compound V from the bloodstream of a Supe, effectively killing them or, in the case of Kimiko, turning them back into a normal human being.
  • Radiation Generation: After being exposed to high levels of radiation while being experimented on by the Russians, Soldier Boy's body appears to have started producing radiation on its own, this ended up effectively turning him into a walking nuclear reactor. Because of this, his body now emits high levels of radiation at all times, however the amount of radiation that his body creates can also be affected by his emotional state. This can be seen when Hughie's Geiger counter recorded increased levels of radiation when Soldier Boy was venting about his past, getting very emotionally distressed in the process. When Soldier Boy's PTSD is triggered, his emotional state can get out of control, causing him to lose control over his powers.


  • Exceptional intelligence: Soldier Boy was able to help his fellow troops win the war by helping them in strategic planning while also using his powers to fight the enemy during the war.
  • Military training: Despite being a supe, he possesses the knowledge and training from the military which makes him even more deadlier in combat.
  • Mastery in combat: Since World War II, Soldier Boy has been depicted as a skilled fighter and has been known to have killed dozens of German soldiers. During his time in Nicaragua, he possessed enough skill to fight and quickly overpower half a dozen special forces soldiers, using a combination of hand-to-hand combat and shield attacks. When Soldier Boy returned to the present, he proved a formidable opponent against Homelander, the first time the latter seemed nervous about facing another Supe. With his near century of experience in actual combat, Soldier Boy was able to fight and, at times, overpower Homelander by evading and countering. Eventually, Homelander's superior strength and speed allowed him to regain the upper hand, nearly defeating Soldier Boy through raw power. His fighting style largely consists of Boxing, Karate, Judo, Wrestling, Krav Maga and Muay Thai.
  • Marksmanship: Due to his military training, Soldier Boy is an expert in using guns with great accuracy.
  • Intimidation: Being the most powerful superhero of his time, many enemies and supes alike feared him, the TNT Twins were fearful and begged for their lives when being confronted by Soldier Boy, his mere presence is even enough to intimidate Homelander himself who fled the scene after nearly being killed by Soldier Boy himself.


You're that asshole from the lab.
~ Soldier Boy to Billy Butcher.
Mother's Milk: You killed my family.
Soldier Boy: Which one?
~ Soldier Boy's sarcastic response when Mother's Milk confronts him about kiling his family.



  • He is a villainous parody of the Marvel superhero Captain America.
  • He is also loosely based off the WWII version of Soldier Boy that was operating decades before the present-day Soldier Boy in the comics.

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