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I'll only say this once. I have no intention of working with you. ...At the most, you will only be a tool of mine to use.
~ Solo to Geo.
I don't need anybody's help in a fight. Just the thought alone makes me sick... It's not in my blood!
~ Solo
Solo is a major character and the main anti-hero in the Mega Man Star Force series. He is the last relative of the ancient civilization of Mu and has a Wizard named Laplace. He also registered under Project-TC as Transcode 002.

He is one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Hollow) in Mega Man Star Force 2 and an anti-heroic character in Mega Man Star Force 3.

He was voiced by Yūki Tai in the anime.


One of Solo's characteristics is that, if not outright hatred, is the idea of friendship and or even loyalty. The farthest he will allow any relationship with is to any craftsman and a tool, much like Laplace. Not minding the idea of using others as tools, it benefits him, so long as it does. Probably why he spent time working with Dr. Vega.

In the third game, Solo seems to be less hateful towards Geo as he was in the second game, even working directly together with him and the Satella Police. But still maintains his solitary attitude, coming and going as shown in the game. In the third game, he has taken up a partner, Laplace, who is a combat Wizard. He is completely silent and seems to be more a pet than a partner, but seems to understand Solo's orders. It is also implied that Solo sees Laplace more than just a tool.

In the anime adaptation of the second game, he is almost different from his videogame counterpart, as he did not choose to be a loner but felt to be one. He also stated to had friends when he mentions that they all sacrificed themselves to seal the continent of Mu, along with Le Mu and him. He also mentions that he would never let Le Mu to be woken again, explaining why he attacked Geo earlier. At the end of the series, he encourages Mega Man by telling him to believe in himself and let the OOPArts guide him to seal the gate of Mu, allowing the Blue Bomber to unleash the Czar Delta Breaker.


As Solo

Solo exhibits what is seen as a very unnatural appearance to modern Japan, though he seems to be recognizable as perhaps a young teenager, close to Geo in age. His hair is long, white, and unkempt, which contrasts sharply with his tanned skin. Further increasing his ominous presence are his red eyes (described as having the capability to suck the heat from the surroundings) and a facial marking like a red bolt of lightning trailing down his cheek from his left eye. Solo's garb is limited to one bodysuit (perhaps a Murian uniform), primarily colored black with linear cyan patterns proceeding from around his stomach to the tips of his feet; the sleeves, however, are brown and end in orange cuffs, and woven across the chest is the crest of Mu in yellow. He also sports a pair of earrings evocative of ancient south Ameroupan culture, maybe Mayan or Aztec

As Rogue

As Rogue, Solo's garb is traded for a black catsuit running down from his jawline, with the crest of Mu remaining across his chest, though now in crimson red. The suit runs uninterrupted along each limb until crossing the elbows and knees, at which point, with the exception of his right arm, they are further covered in sturdy black armor, each further alloyed with the red Wave-Ride Boost System (which takes the form of a slotted red coil with a single red spine proceeding from itself). His right arm, by comparison, bears only the Darklight Harvester, a thick dark bracelet that turns his right fist and forearm into a mass of wreathing purple flames. His throat is guarded by a silver neck-guard, somewhat similar to a gorget. He also bears two knobbed spaulders seemingly of the same material. His helmet bears a striking similarity to Mega Man's; excusing its black and red color-scheme, it too is only a partial guard, and reveals his hair in its entirety - however, instead of altering Solo's hair color, Rogue's hair instead flies straight upwards. Also of note is that Rogue's helmet too bears a visor - in answer to Mega Man's own Visualize Visor, Rogue bears the Wave Predictor, a dark purple, X-shaped visor that seems to be layered across Rogue's helmet instead of being inserted into it like Mega Man's.

Powers and Abilities

  • Wave Predictor: This visor detects and displays information about EM Energy present in the atmosphere. By tracking the flow of energy, this device makes it possible to predict an opponent's movements, giving its owner a strategic advantage in battle.
  • Crest of Mu: This crest denotes lineage that can be traced back to the continent of Mu. It is believed that Rogue was created using Mu technology, much of which has yet to be fully understood. In addition, because the crest itself emits considerable amounts of EM Energy, it is theorized that it forms the foundation for Rogue's defensive EM barrier.
  • Darklight Harvester: A bracelet that allows for the control and manipulation of dark combat energy, this device can transform and release this combat energy in a wide variety of forms, and can also convert it into a formidable sword. Were it not for the Darklight Harvester, dark energy would run wild, even injuring Rogue himself.
  • Indie Darkness: This force of pure darkness bound to Rogue's right hand possesses an impossible-to-analyze structure, but appears to be imbued with a combat energy even stronger than EM Energy. Renowned for its unparalleled destructive capabilities.
  • Wave-Ride Boost System: Rogue is fully equipped with boosters which shoot bursts of EM Energy, allowing him to move freely in all directions. These boosters take advantage of Rogue's already-advanced abilities, enabling an endless variety of moves that range from high-impact attacks to impossibly agile movements.


  • As a possible moment of character development, one use of the Humor Word ability (Star Force 3) depicts Solo as upset over someone having erased his Game Save on Burger Quest, which is revealed to be Laplace's doing.
  • Solo shares some traits with the manga version of Bass.EXE such as their solitary attitude, and both despises the idea of friendship or bonding with others, but started to change after meeting their respective rivals.
  • Due to his prideful nature concerning Mu, Solo may have been a member of the royal family and perhaps the crown prince. This could be backed up by the statues in Mu and Wazzap that looks similar to Solo's wave change as Rogue. Seeing how Murian life is very similar to that of ancient Egypt, the pharaoh and his lineage would be blessed by a god (Le Mu) to have the power to rule.
  • As mentioned above, Capcom has stated that Rogue's character is a mixture of ProtoMan.EXE and Bass.EXE, putting both of their basic attitudes and traits into one. Unlike Bass, Rogue doesn't have the ability to obtain others' powers. In fact, he would rather object to using such powers, as when Hollow offered him an Indie Proof. The Mu Rejection Barrier is primarily analogous to Bass.EXE's Life Aura, though there are several distinctions between the two. As the Mu Rejection and the Life Aura both seem to reject all attacks, they both must be dropped before the user uses an attack (in Bass' case, only for his more powerful strikes). They can also be disrupted by an external attack, mainly from their respective Mega Man - however, the Life Aura will yield only to an attack of 100 attack power or higher (200 as Bass GS), while the Mu Rejection will disperse after any attack - however, to complicate things, the Mu Rejection is invisible except for when it is breached - if one fails to pay attention, he may loose a powerful attack only for it to be deflected wastefully by the barrier. Also, the Mu Rejection has anti-lock-on capabilities, which the Life Aura does not.


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