But loss is part of growing up, isn't it? Part of growing up is accepting the inevitability of death. The inevitability, Mr. Miller, of death. My father told me that. You will be a hero to your children too. I hope that gives you comfort.
~ Solomon to Jonathan Miller

Solomon is the main antagonist of the 2011 FPS video game, Battlefield 3. He was a former operative of the Central Inteligence Agency and the field commander of the People's Liberation and Resistance.  He also appears in the novel, Battlefield 3: The Russian.

He was modeled and voiced by Mark Ivanir.


Early life

Born in 1971, the man that shall come to be recognized as Solomon was in Lebanon in 1987 while American missionaries held him under their wing and took him to Florida where he's gone to school. His guardians named him Solomon after the Wise King of the Bible's Old Testament due to the amnesia he suffers so he cannot remember his name. When Solomon was 16, he was bullied in school for months. As retaliation, he slaughters three of the abusers with a machete. After the event, he disappears on a cargo ship headed for the Persian Gulf.

Solomon ends up in Kandahar, Afghanistan, close at the end of the Soviet invasion by 1989, supporting the Mujahideen forces, known as "Suleiman" to them, before Dimitri Mayakovsky, then, secretly, learned him out for his ability with languages, discipline, and ruthlessness. He then trained in Russia for two years in the Russian Spetsnaz program and was taken as an apprentice of Dimitri from then onward within GRU.

Beirut, 1991[1]

Solomon was on his first GRU assignment with Dimitri in a plot to capture one of the physicists that was behind the top-secret Iranian nuclear program, a man by the name of Khalaji. During their undercover meeting, Solomon slips aside after eight American operatives intercede to capture Khalaji for themselves. Meanwhile, Solomon takes aim from behind nearby parked cars and kills the operative that would've otherwise shot and killed a then disarmed Dimitri. Saving Dimitri, however, costs the two a valuable asset in the Iranian nuclear program as Khalaji is taken by the American operatives.

After Beirut[2]

With the coming dissolution of the Soviet union in December 1991, Solomon disappeared, only to return again after the September 11th Attacks on the New York World Trade Center and Pentagon Building in the United States in 2001. Although not connected to the attacks, he is put under custody in Guantanamo Bay, a US Navy Base and high-security prison in Cuba. However, being as clever as he is, Solomon offers intelligence on terrorist cells and intelligence from working with GRU in order to be released. His release is granted and he is used as a CIA operative for intelligence and deniable operations.

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