Solus is the father of Morlun and the Inheritors as well as it's leader and the main antagonist of Spider-Verse and Spider-Geddon.


Solus was the patriarch of the Inherators and the one who choose to be evil where he gave his children the need to feed on to them. At some point he and his family wear hunting down the spider-totems for they are the only ones to bring about their downfall until they encounter the master weaver.There his children and wife found the master-weaver who then killed her due to the mistakes of his youngest son Karn causing him to exile. Solus and his family continue to hunt the Spider-Totems with him sending morlun to hunt to the earth-616 Spider-Man for the Other.

In the Spider-Verse Solus is the overseer of the Great Hunt during the crossover. He simply watches his children hunt down the alternative versions of Spider-Man and his allies from his throne.He also step in where he introduces himself as the King of the Multivesre and killed the cosmic Spider-Man with ease and later fought the Leopordian but after killing him Solus was weaked and was killed by Kaine using the Other. His soul was sealed inside a christal.Solus was later revived during the events of Spider-Geddon by his Children where the Spider-Men learned that Solus forced his own children into becoming Monsters like himself and later fought Miles Morales who became the Comics Spider-Man the two fought evenally unti Miles unleashed his ultimate attack killing Solus for good. With Solus'death the hinerators where turned into babies without their powers and memories to live normal lives. 

Solus appears in the game Spider-Man Unlimted as a boss alongside Morlun, Jennix, Damios and Karn. He was voiced by Kyle Hebert.


As the father of the Inherators Solus is by far the Strongest among them. He gave his children their energy draing and also is poweful enough to kill cosmic spider-man.


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