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The Somali Pirates

The Somali Pirates are one-time villains from The Cleveland Show, only appearing in the episode "Das Shrimp Boot". They are a band of pirates who held Cleveland Brown captive as a slave and attempted to rob a cruise ship of their gold records, before being defeated by Cleveland and promptly arrested. They are villainous for slave ownership, murder, rape, and plundering.

They were all voiced by John Viener.


Cleveland crash landed his jet-ski, but he was saved from drowning. Unfortunately, these saviors were a traitorous gang of greedy Somali Pirates, who used him as a slave to swab their decks and help them with their cable. He witnessed the leader, planning to pillage a passing by cruise ship, killing and raping everyone on board, and stealing all their gold records. Since, this was the cruise ship the rest of his family was on, Cleveland had to go and save them.

Cleveland escaped the pirate ship and boarded the cruise ship, but got distracted by the American Funk Band, The Commodores. The Somali Pirates invaded the cruise and terrorized everyone, even taking the life of a non-original member of the band. Cleveland used his energy pills to put himself into hyperspeed, which he used as his power to defeat all the Somali Pirates. He tied up the last one in a cable, and the pirates were all arrested.


The Somali Pirates are a group of dark skinned Somali people, each one coming equipped with firearms. The leader of the group is distinguishable by his red and white checkered bandanna.


The Somani Pirates are cruel and heartless sailors who are perfectly fine when it comes to holding people captive or killing people. They used to own a frail white guy as their primary slave, but once they had Cleveland on board, they instantly shot him, having no use for him anymore. Unfortunately, since he was their only slave, they were obligated not to kill him. This allowed for Cleveland to be extremely annoying and childish with them, not needing to fear getting shot. Cleveland would annoy the captain, by asking his ridiculous questions and repeating himself.


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