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Something the So and So is the minor antagonist in Wander Over Yonder. He is probably the most incompetent villain in show.


Something the So and So is quite timid, cunning, indecisive, pusillanimous, and easily discouraged, so he has very low self-esteem which is quite apparent when in the spotlight, making him seem rather pathetic and Alexander Gould. Despite these tendencies, he seems to be a competent villain who had enough guts to take over two planets on his own.


Although he is an incompetent villain, he has demonstrated no notable abilities and doesn't even have any minions under his control.


The It

He first appears at the end of The It, running away from Lord Hater because he was "it" in a game of tag.

The Battle Royal

Something The So and So was one of the first villains to obtain the "Ring Of Invincibility". Unfortunately, everyone else made fun of him, so he just left it and walked away.

The Matchmaker

So and So tried to do something evil to Sylvia and Wander in this episode to prove himself. Wander told him that normally he would stop to help, but because of his limited time; he could not. Something began to guesting his life choices after this.

The End of the Galaxy

Something the So and So is seen in "The End of the Galaxy", to aid Wander and a group of rebels to fight Lord Dominator.



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