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Raping and kidnapping men.
Raping and kidnapping men.
|goals = Torture or (possibly) kill Quagmire (failed).
|goals = Torture or (possibly) kill Quagmire (failed).
|type of villain = Perverted Abuser|alias = None}}
|type of villain = Perverted Abuser|alias = None|crimes = Kidnapping}}
{{Quote|Everybody, just shut up! You idiots should've minded your own business.|Sonja to Peter, Joe & Ida about Quagmire}}
{{Quote|Everybody, just shut up! You idiots should've minded your own business.|Sonja to Peter, Joe & Ida about Quagmire}}
{{Quote|Giggity.|Sonja stealing Quagmire's catchphrase}}
{{Quote|Giggity.|Sonja stealing Quagmire's catchphrase}}

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Everybody, just shut up! You idiots should've minded your own business.
~ Sonja to Peter, Joe & Ida about Quagmire
~ Sonja stealing Quagmire's catchphrase

Sonja serves as the main antagonist of the episode Quagmire's Quagmire, an episode of Season 12 in Family Guy.

She was voiced by Rachael MacFarlane, the younger sister of Family Guy creator and producer, Seth MacFarlane, who also previously voiced Jamie and Hayley Smith on American Dad!.

Role in the episode

She met Glenn Quagmire when he went to get his laptop fixed, and he discovers that she had the same kinky nature that he had. He eventually started dating her, and they start acting out their disturbing fantasies.

However, she soon publicly humiliates and beats Quagmire before stuffing him in the back of his car. She later attempted to make Quagmire a sex slave, but is foiled when Peter, Joe, and Quagmire's father go searching for him. She wounds up being overthrown by Joe and arrested.



  • She is a female version of Jeffery Fecalman, another Family Guy villain.
    • Both are willing to hit people of the opposite gender.
    • How she abuses and beats up Quagmire is similar to how Jeffrey would abuse Brenda.
    • Both are Quagmire's enemies.
    • They also have differences:
      • Sonja seems friendly at first while Jeff was already bad from the start.
      • Sonja gets arrested by Joe, while Jeff gets killed by Quagmire.


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