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The Sonozaki Family is an aristocratic family who run the Museum organization and the central antagonists of Kamen Rider W.


With the exception of Raito and Fumine, they each own special golden Gaia Memories, allowing them to assume Dopant forms with the use of a prototype Gaia Driver belt. They are easily identified as "Commanders" by Shotaro and Philip because they have belts. Ryubee spends the Museum affairs when he invites his family to beg as Wakana will become all-powerful through the Gaia Impact, but Saeko fights against her instead while Shroud takes her to Philip on stopping the Gaia Impact.

He then sacrifices Raito (Philip) into the Gaia Memory to make one with the Earth. When the Gaia Impact was to succeed, they confronted him about the Evil Tail. After denying about his own fears, Ryubee tried threatening them into giving the Evil Tail only to overcome his fear, thus bringing Philip`s conscience back which caused a glitch in Wakana and the Gaia Impact. Shocked and angered at Shotaro`s actions he then fought Double until the RevolGarry and Accel arrived to assist Shotaro and Philip.

In the end, it results with Wakana sacrifices her body to give Philip (Raito) his body back, the family watch over Philip and tasks him with the family duty to protect Futo and change the world for the benefit of mankind.

Members of the Sonozaki Family

  • Ryubee Sonozaki - The head of the Sonozaki Family and leader of the Museum, acting as a godfather of the organization.
  • Saeko Sonozaki - The eldest of the Sonozaki children who runs an IT company called the Digal Corporation, which serves as a front for Gaia Memory production and distribution.
  • Wakana Sonozaki - The youngest daughter and middle child of the Sonozaki family who since her brother's death has been secretly raised to become the key element in her father's plans.
  • Kirihiko Sudo - A Gaia Memory Dealer who for the first part of the series was married to Saeko up until his death at her hands.
  • Yukie Sudo - The sister of Kirihiko Sudo, hence the sister-in-law of Saeko Sonozaki.
  • Mick - The beloved pet of Ryubee and one of the top hitmen of the Museum as the Smilodon Dopant.
  • Philip / Raito Sonozaki - The sole son and youngest child of the family who was used for the creation of the Gaia Memory devices.
  • Shroud / Fumine Sonozaki - The mother of the family who defected from them to plan for her revenge against her husband.

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