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The Sons of Garmadon are a major antagonistic faction in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, appearing as the titular main antagonistic faction of Season 8: Sons of Garmadon, and as one of the two main antagonistic factions (alongside the Dragon Hunters) of Season 9: Hunted. They are a vicious motorbike gang who planned to to conquer Ninjago by resurrecting Lord Garmadon.


When Lloyd Garmadon unleashed the Serpentine tribes, they, in turn, released the Great Devourer, the biggest snake in existence, which wrecked havoc on Ninjago City. During this, it killed the parents of Harumi, orphaning her. As she was adopted by the Royal Family and became the Jade Princess, she began to admire Lord Garmadon, who killed the Devourer using the four Golden Weapons. Under her leadership, the Sons of Garmadon were formed, a motorbike gang who wanted to bring Garmadon back to life. Harumi learned more about elemental powers, Garmadon, the ninja and the Oni. Soon she found out that the three Oni Masks reunited would resurrect the King of Shadows. When she discovered the map to the Oni Mask of Hatred, she sent a crew of the Sons of Garmadon to find it, but they were killed, and rumour had it that a sea monster was responsible. Later, they come across Lloyd's mother, Misako, and Wu, the ninja's master, who had been turned into an infant, and captured them. The Sons of Garmadon infiltrated Borg Tower, and managed to steal the Oni Mask of Vengeance, but were quickly defeated by Lloyd. Mr. E, a Nindroid and third-in-command, arrived and stole the mask again, escaping the Green Ninja. Worried, the Royal Family enlist the Ninja to escort them, and they are later taken to the palace to guard the Oni Mask of Deception, which was in their possession. While Harumi gained Lloyd's trust, the Sons of Garmadon, led by Ultra Violet, a psychopathic high-ranking general, and Mr. E, attacked the palace to steal the mask. Mr. E, using the Mask of Vengeance, quickly overpowered and stole the mask, but when Kai destroyed it, he realized it was a fake. The palace exploded, as Harumi rigged it to, and she escaped with Lloyd and the mask on a bike. However, they were pursued by Ultra Violet, who managed to steal the mask. However, she was unable to prevent the ninja and Harumi escape in the Destiny's Bounty. Later, the Sons of Garmadon regroup at their "headquarters", a bar called Laughy's, where they notice Rocky Dangerbuff singing horribly. When he slips after the drinks angrily thrown at him, it is revealed he is Cole, one of the ninja. Unaware one of their own, "Snake Jaguar" was in fact the ninja Zane, they left the bar while the rest of the ninja arrived and chased Mr. E. To gain the Sons of Garmadon's trust, Snake Jaguar saved Mr. E and escaped. As a result, he and Ultra Violet decided to take him to the Big Man, and the second-in-command, Killow. Eventually, he recruited him, and they participated in a race while Ultra Violet stayed behind to guard Cole and Wu. Harumi secretly contacts her and tells her Snake Jaguar's true identity, ordering her to prevent Zane from finishing the race. Zane managed to defeat the bikers sent to stop him, but he was distracted by Killow levitating stones at him, allowing Mr. E to hurl him out of the race. Meanwhile, Cole used his horrible singing to lure the guard of his cell, and knocked him unconscious. He opened a door and found Wu as a baby, puzzled and unaware of his true identity. Ultra Violet attacked and briefly fought him, but Cole defeated her and escaped. As Cole returns to the Bounty with Wu, Mr. E battles Zane. Zane initially has the upper hand, but Mr. E quickly overpowers him and throws him off a cliff, fatally wounding it. Mr. E then contacts Harumi, informing her that the trap is set, unaware that Zane manages to record this message before loosing consciousness. The ninja pick up Zane and begin repairing him, and find that Wu's blanket is the map to the Mask of Hatred. The encrypting bug Mr. E planted on Zane invades the system of P.I.X.A.L, the central AI program of the ship, and due to her secret identity of Samurai X, her suit attacks the ninja. The bug is destroyed and Zane is repaired, but the Bounty crash separately from Lloyd and Harumi, who begin their search for the final mask. The duo begin their journey on the same ship the Sons of Garmadon expedition went on, while Killow and Mr. E lead the Sons of Garmadon and take over the ninja's ship, capturing them. Harumi and Lloyd avoid the sea monster and arrive at the Oni cave, where they take the mask. However, Harumi reveals her true identity to Lloyd and leaves him entombed in the flooding cave. The Sons of Garmadon hold the ninja at gunpoint as Harumi and a freed Lloyd crash in. Suddenly, the monster attacks again, and defeats their combined efforts. The ninja are distracted as they use their powers to defeat it, allowing the criminals to fly in the Bounty. Lloyd jumps onto the ship, but he is captured as they escape. Alongside Lloyd, the Sons of Garmadon arrive at the Temple of Resurrection with all three masks and trap Lloyd and Misako in a weighing chain. Harumi begins the ritual as the Sons of Garmadon battle the ninja and the police. Garmadon is nearly freed, but the ninja use their powers on Harumi, stopping the ritual and preventing his arrival. They are arrested and sent to Kryptarium Prison, while Harumi is interrogated at the police station. Unaware to any of them, the ritual was successful and Lord Garmadon has risen once more. He frees Harumi, and together they take over Kryptarium, using the place as their place and sending the warden and security out. Garmadon trains to face his son as he unlocks his true potential. Lloyd arrives and faces his father, who quickly defeats and mortally wounds him. As he is rescued, the Sons of Garmadon arrive at Ninjago City, where Garmadon builds the Colossus, a giant being made of rock. As it overpowers the ninja, Garmadon attempts to retrieve Wu but fails, as Lloyd escapes with him. Harumi overpowers Lloyd as the ninja are defeated and retreat to their ship, but they manage to take Wu. Suddenly, the Colossus destroys the ship, killing all aboard and Harumi mocks Lloyd, who distraughtly escapes. The city is lost, and Lord Garmadon| now rules. As many allies and aides of the ninja are arrested, the hunt for the Green Ninja resumes unsuccessful, so Garmadon and Harumi dispatch Mr. E and a team of the bikers to capture Lloyd. However, the Elemental Masters arrive and quickly defeat them. As a result, Garmadon furiously destroys Mr. E and orders Harumi and the generals to find Lloyd, or they will suffer the same fate their ally did. Lloyd leads the new resistance and infiltrates Borg Tower. Garmadon senses him, but his forces arrive to late as Lloyd broadcasts against his father and inspires hope for Ninjago's citizens before escaping. Harumi learns the base of the resistance, and leads an attack on there. A large part of the Resistance are overpowered and defeated, but Lloyd, Nya, Dareth and Skylor manage to evade Garmadon and escape. Harumi and the Sons of Garmadon spot Lloyd and attempt to capture him, only for him and his few allies to capture her instead. Mystake disguises herself as Harumi and takes a "captured" Skylor to Garmadon, in order to get her close enough to absorb his powers. However, the real Harumi escapes just in time and stops them. Mystake sacrifices herself and allows the others to escape with Skylor sharing Garmadon's power. In their attempts to take control of the Colossus, Harumi reforms herself and sacrifices herself to allow a family to escape. Enraged, Garmadon orders his Colossus to destroy the city. The other ninja, having lived, return to Ninjago with an older Wu and battle the Sons of Garmadon and the Colossus while Lloyd confronts Garmadon. All of their forces defeat the Colossus, while Lloyd, refusing to fight Garmadon, causes the thing that fuels him to weaken and completely robbing Garmadon of his power. The Sons of Garmadon are finally defeated and imprisoned, and peace is restored. Several months later, the inmates of Kryptarium, including the Sons of Garmadon, manage to escape and battle the ninja. Eventually they are defeated and once more imprisoned. Unagami, a powerful AI, releases all the inmates once more to serve him, but the Sons of Garmadon, finally freed, escape instead of serving Unagami, save for Ultra Violet, who assisted him but was instead imprisoned once more. The other Sons of Garmadon were also eventually rounded up and, as a result, imprisoned once and for all.


Lord Garmadon- Leader and ruler, who was resurrected and ruler Ninjago as Emperor Garmadon. His son, Lloyd Garmadon, later faced him and overthrew him, ending his reign.

Harumi- Original leader and Jade Princess who later serves as Lord Garmadon's second-in-command, and is known as "the Quiet One." She manages to keep her identity secret long enough for her to retrieve the three masks and resurrect Garmadon. She commonly used the Oni Mask of Hatred, and eventually reformed, until the Colossus smashed into the building she stood on.

Killow- The first general who is exceedingly large and commonly uses the Oni Mask of Deception. He also uses a giant, spiky club and was also responsible for recruiting members for the Sons of Garmadon.

Mr. E- The second general, who is a stern Nindroid that almost never talks, that brings recruit of the Sons of Garmadon to Killow. When he fails to capture Lloyd, Emperor Garmadon rips him apart. He commonly uses the Oni Mask of Vengeance.

Ultra Violet- The third general, and a savage, crazy psychopath who was briefly put in charge of arresting fugitives and allies of the Ninja. While chasing Lloyd, she temporarily used the Oni Mask of Hatred.

Luke Cunningham- A high-ranking member who provides information for the Sons of Garmadon while they used the bar Laughy's as their headquarters. He is also known as "The Man in the White Mask".

Chopper Maroon- A member of the Sons of Garmadon, known as "The Man in the Maroon Mask".

Mohawk- A low-ranking biker and Chopper Maroon's friend.

Skip Vicious- One of the most recent members.

Nails- A member with a strong resemblance to Chopper Maroon.