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Your Highness, I bring news. It regards your impending death.
~ Sooga to Princess Zelda.

Sooga is a supporting antagonist in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. He is the second-in-command of the Yiga Clan and Master Kohga's right-hand.

He was voiced by Gerald C. Rivers.


Sooga is a tall minion of the Yiga Clan, resembling a Yiga Blademaster but with two swords. Little is known about his past, but at one point, he stumbled into the Yiga Clan's camp, starving and very weak. Two Yiga Footsoldiers immediately held him at blade-point, suspecting him of being a spy for Hyrule, but stood down as Master Kohga awoke and approached Sooga himself, offering him a Mighty Banana to help recover his strength, and saying that Sooga will have to repay this showing of generosity and kindness from Kohga in the future.

Sooga first appears after Master Kohga's failed effort to manipulate the Gerudo by disguising as their leader Urbosa. Once the heroes have Kohga cornered at a column, Sooga comes down from it and pushes Link and Urbosa back by unleashing energy slices from his swords. He then grabs Kohga before disappearing in a puff of smoke. That night in the Yiga hideout, he and Kohga listen to Astor explaining his plan to prevent Calamity Ganon from being sealed away. Later, the Yiga Clan attack a Hyrulean village with Sooga claiming they are there for Zelda. During the battle, Sooga orders his Yiga followers to prioritize on the princess. Eventually, the heroes manage to defeat him, but Sooga makes one final effort to throw three kunai at Zelda as he escapes, only for Link to block them with his shield. Sooga remarks that the future will not change before ordering the Yiga to retreat.

Back in the Yiga hideout, Astor tells Master Kohga and Sooga that the Hyrulean forces were using the Sheikah Slate to resonate with the towers could place them in trouble of being discovered. When he mentions that the Guardian corrupted by Malice contains the spirit of Ganon and explains his plan of using it to take over the whole world, Sooga warns him that Ganon is a force that cannot be controlled, but is ignored. Later, the Yiga Clan invade Akkala Citadel. Sooga appears at multiple stops and attempts to stop the heroes from interfering with Kohga's plan, but is defeated both times. Eventually, the Yiga Clan Hideout is found by Divine Beast Vah Naboris, with the Champions leading a siege.

While the heroes battle against Master Kohga, Sooga appears to aid his leader. Once again they are defeated, forcing them to retreat. Taking refuge at the top of a cliff, Astor appears, with the two angered that he didn't assist them and blame him for their defeat. Sooga lifts the seer by the neck, threatening him that they could no longer overlook his failure. He is forced to let go after Astor reminds him and Kohga that turning against him means betrayal towards Ganon.

Shortly after the initial defeat of the Blight Ganons and the arrival of the future champions, during Daruk and Yunobo's celebration, Sooga and a group of Yiga Blademasters attack Kakariko Village, but are quickly thwarted by Daruk and Yunobo.

After the future Champions are brought back to save the Divine Beasts, Astor harvests the souls of several Yiga Clan members to revive the Blight Ganons, much to Kohga and Sooga's horror. He mocks the two that they can actually be useful for once in their lives and creates a Malice-formed clone of Link to attack them. Sooga tells Kohga to get to safety as he fights the monster, but Kohga is unwilling to leave Sooga behind, claiming he's his best lackey. Sooga then vows to defend Kohga, even if it costs him his life.

In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC for Age of Calamity, Kohga and Sooga escape Astor, but are constantly pursued by Ganon's monster army, containing hollows, a malice moblin and the Blight Ganons, with Sooga himself having been gravely injured as the surviving Yiga attempted to retreat to regroup and ally with Zelda and the Hyrulean Forces. Despite Sooga's pleas to Master Kohga to leave him as he was only slowing them down, Kohga refuses.

They avoid fighting Thunderblight Ganon and Windblight Ganon, but Fireblight Ganon and Thunderblight Ganon intercept their escape. Together, they ward off both Blights intercepting them, with Sooga going on offense despite his injuries, with the intention of protecting the remaining Yiga, and he exclaims that he must make his move as Kohga alone cannot protect the surviving Yiga. After this confrontation though, Sooga's strength completely gives out and he is unable to continue, forcing Kohga to carry him. Once again, he asks to be left behind, but Kohga refuses and exclaims "enough with that kind of talk!" causing Sooga to remember his first encounter with Kohga.

Moments later, the Blight Ganons return and find them, but Sooga musters what little strength he has left and performs a powerful Yiga technique that immobilizes the Blights. However, unable to maintain it for long, Sooga pleads for Kohga to flee while he still has the chance. Torn between leaving his best Blademaster behind or going down with him, Kohga, with great reluctance, finally decides to use the opening Sooga gave him and run for it, crying and screaming hysterically and mournfully as he leaves his most loyal Blademaster to his apparent doom at the hands of the Blights. Once Kohga is safely on his way to ally with Zelda and have the Yiga rejoin the Sheikah against Calamity Ganon, Sooga draws his dual katanas as he prepares for his final stand against the Blight Ganons.

Have I paid you back now...Master Kohga?
~ Sooga's last words.

Sooga's ultimate fate is quite ambiguous, as he is curiously able to stand on his own after using his Yiga technique, implying he might have siphoned some energy from the blights, and, after Kohga and the Yiga clan joined forces with Hyrulian Forces, Sooga would later appear in the game level "The Siege Of Fort Hateno" as the level's only "strong" ally, confirming that he and Kohga were both able to escape with their lives. He wouldn't appear later until the games true end credits, although, it is unknown if the credits canonical to the games story. However, during the Guardian of Remembrance DLC, during the level "The Yiga Clan's Retreat", protecting all the Yiga Blademasters from being slain unlocks Sooga as a playable character, indicating some of the Yiga went back and rescued Sooga from his final stand against the Blight Ganons, saving his life, or that he was able to escape with what little energy he had left.





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