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Sophia Nevis

Sophia Nevins is an antagonist from "Boo", episode 4.06 of CSI: NY.

She was portrayed by Kimberly Wallis.


Sophia Nevins is the wife of immigration doctor Dexter Nevins, who was found dead on the street. As the investigation progressed, it was revealed that Dexter and Sophia were in huge debt, and it led to the couple colluding with Dexter's friend known as Dr. Roger Burgess to fake Dexter's death in an insurance scam. Sophia was the benefactor of her husband's policy, and their plan had Burgess inject Dexter with tetrodotoxin and quickly bury him. Dexter was declared dead, but he would be revived with an oxygen tank purchased by Sophia.

However, Sophia turned villainous and left her husband for dead in his grave, as it was revealed that she was having an affair with Burgess. The illicit couple went to Burgess' home and made love after burying Dexter, with the indication that the evil Sophia planned to split the insurance money with Burgess. Dexter escaped from his grave and went to Burgess' house, where he caught him with Sophia. In a rage over being betrayed, Dexter injected his villainous wife with tetrodotoxin, and did the same to Burgess, who struck Dexter several times with a cricket mallet before collapsing. Dexter staggered around for hours before he collapsed and died of blunt force trauma.

Sophia's only appearance in the episode came in the end of the episode, when Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera went to Burgess' house and found both of them, with Sophia and Burgess barely alive due to Stella feeling a faint pulse. It was there that Sophia was revealed as an adulterous and greedy villainess. Mac eventually stated that both she and Burgess were caught between the living and dead, leaving their fates unknown.


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