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Sorata Muon, also known as Mouse, is a thief and protagonist in the titular anime Mouse.

Sorata Muon is a college art teacher, who came from a greedy family of thieves. His family ancestors committed thievery for 400 years in Japan, where their act of thievery was later passed down to Sorata Muon. Sorata Muon has three devoted female associates who help him commit heists: Mei Momozono, Yayoi Kuribayashi, and Hazuki Kakio.

He was voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi in the Japanese Dubbed and Grant George in the English Dubbed.


The Name is Mouse

At the beginning of the first episode, police captain, Onizuka Heitaro, and his men are heavily guarding a museum to prevent Mouse from stealing a golden skull that was on display there. Just then, however, the ground around the museum begins to shake and crack open, causing the entire building to sink underneath. Mouse is then spotted on top of the museum and leaves a card with his symbol on it. Onizuka is angered and vows to capture Mouse one day.

The next day, Sorata Muon is running late to work, where he is encountered by math teacher, Mei Momozono, who scolds Sorata for being late and tells him to take his job seriously as an art teacher. Physical education instructor, Hazuki Kakio, agrees with Mei and tells Sorata to act like a man for a change. Then the school nurse, Yayoi Kuribayashi, appears and overhears about Sorata's problem and offers him a drug that she concocted to help him stay up from running late again.

Sorata is later seen placing the Golden Skull he stole in a display case. As he returns to his appartment and prepares to enter his room, he is welcomed back by his female followers, whom act naughty towards him. Sorata watches the news report of Onizuka Heitaro, whom challenges him to steal the Obadiah Tower that was recently built. His apprentices

There is Nothing Mouse Cannot Steal

She Will Not Accept Destiny

Mouse Will Not Abandon a Comrade

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