Sorceline is a recurring antagonist of Les Pyjamasques picture book. Her plans usually involve in Sorceline taking away things that give happiness to kids such as toys, as well as animal totems.

This little insomniac sorceress could neither sleep nor dream. She was always ill-tempered and shared her bad mood with the whole world. Thanks to her magnet, an army of insects obeyed her.


Sorceline is portrayed as a grouchy and temperamental person who envies people who have things that she does not have. She is also somewhat self-aware than Luna Girl on being inconsiderate and sadistic on taking toys that do not belong to her.


She is identical to Luna Girl, except that her moon eclipse is slightly different in appearance and her hair is completely white.

Powers and Abilities

Sorceline owns a magical board known as the Aéro-Lune that closely resembles the Luna Board which she uses as transportation, except it has a stripey pattern scheme instead of having a pattern of moons at the front of her board. She owns the Aimant-Lune which resembles the Luna Magnet, except it has a more simpler design, and has it has the ability to emit lightning that can injure anyone, control her Mitomites and it has great force to attract objects she wants. And she owns a magical bag known as the Bag-To-Oblivion which she can use to make people disappear entirely.


  • Despite the fact that Sorceline and Luna Girl are separate characters in a different continuity of Les Pyjamasques and the PJ Masks, they are both often confused as the same person.
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