Soundwave is the Decepticons master spy, and a major antagonist of Transformers Cyberverse. He has a penchant for drama, playing music loudly to amuse himself, and shares a rivalry with the emotionless Shockwave. However, his loyalty to Megatron is unquestionable, and his unorthodox nature does not impede his efficiency.



Before the Great War, Soundwave was a patron at Maccadam's Old Oil House, and once danced there, along with a pair of Seekers. At some point, he caught a Cybertronian bird, naming him Laserbeak. He was a fan of Megatron, attending his rally, and joined the Decepticons. 

Season 1

After the Great War broke out, in Megatron is My Hero, Soundwave chased Bumblebee, after the Autobot overheard Shockwave's plans for Vector Sigma. Soundwave  successfully incapacitated the Autobot after Shadow Striker failed to do so. The duo brought Bumblebee before Megatron, and were subsequently ordered to leave while Megatron interrogated their prisoner. Later on, in AllSpark, Soundwave defended the Space Bridge from the Autobots, to prevent them using to send the AllSpark away from Cybertron. Soundwave blasted Bumblebee with sonic waves, but was caught in an explosion and flung into the depths below. 

Season 2

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Battle for Cybertron

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  • Unlike more stoic incarnations, this Soundwave is far more expressive, often playing loud music to match the mood. 
    • In terms of personality, his closest comparison would be Cybertron Soundwave
  • While his alt mode is never seen, his toys confirm it to be an SUV. 
  • Soundwave seems to share a genuine friendship with Shadow Striker, often being seen working together, ad in Megatron is My Hero. She was also to one to talk him down from a confrontation with Starscream, and they shared a laugh at Shockwave's expense.


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