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All you 'bots on the floor, get ready to rock it.
~ Soundwave, Giant.

Soundwave is an agent of Planet X who joins the Decepticons, alongside Sideways, and a major antagonist of Transformers: Cybertron. While Soundwave talks like a DJ, with dialogue full of slang, Soundwave is more seriously minded than his fellow Planet X agent. 

He was voiced by DJ Robert O.Smith.



When Planet X was at it's zenith, Soundwave served as an information specialist, infiltrating targeted planets and find important individuals and technologies to deal with. When his home was destroyed in a war with Gigantion, Soundwave was one of a group of survivors who became fixated on revenge against the Giant Planet. After discovering evidence of an ancient, planet-devouring being brought them Soundwave and the other survivors split up across the universe to search for it. Soundwave succeeded in the millennia-long quest, tracing the Gigantion Mini-Cons' origins to Unicron. Soundwave struck a deal with the Chaos Bringer: a million years of servitude in return for the destruction of Gigantion. However, Unicron was destroyed just as his servitude ended.


In Titans, the Autobots and Decepticons were focused on locating the fourth Cyber Planet Key on Gigantion, and the Decepticons were unable to travel to the parallel dimension in which Gigantion was located. Soundwave seized upon a chance for revenge and opted to ally himself with the villains. Emerging before the Decepticons from a fiery portal in space, Soundwave performed a bit of dramatic posturing before revealing his name and informing them that he knew the way to the planet.

Living up to his word, in Warp Soundwave led Megatron and his troops through a fiery portal, across the dimensions to the Giant Planet. When the Decepticons clashed with Optimus Prime's Autobots in Giant, Soundwave shocked the amassed heroes with his talent for mimicry by flawlessly impersonating the Autobot leader's voice. Prime was flattered and merged with Wing Saber to battle Soundwave; the villain held his own in the fight, but when Megatron was defeated by Giant Planet leader Metroplex, he joined the Decepticons in fleeing.

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  • Soundwave, despite being aligned with the Decepticons, is not loyal to their cause, in contrast to his other incarnations. That being said, Soundwave still does have his classic loyalty to a cause, namely to avenging his homeworld.  
  • Due to how outdated his Generation One alt mode of a cassette player was, this Soundwave is more focused on having an affinity for sound and music. 
  • Soundwave calls Sideways "brother" a few times, but they don't seem to be related. This seems just to be an affectionate nickname, as they are "brothers-in-arms" about their cause.  
  • According to Ask Vector Prime, Soundwave and Sideways may be descendants of a version of the Cybertronian Empire


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