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Detective work would be realizing that the pattern of the locations of your mystery rapist's crimes fits the A35 bus route to a T, so he must be taking that bus line to the victims' apartments.
~ Jonah Heidelbaum realizing the rapist's MO.

The South Brooklyn Rapist is a minor and unseen character in the Amazon Prime TV series Hunters, mentioned briefly by Jonah Heidelbaum who recognizes his pattern.


Sometime in the mid-to-late 1970s, the Rapist began committing a series of rapes in South Brooklyn in New York City. He would follow his victims on the bus and to their apartments, where he would then break in and rape them. It's unknown if his victims were exclusively female, male, or perhaps both. One of the only things that are known about him (or at the very least speculated) is that he drives a light blue car, which he may also use to follow his victims. By 1977 he had raped at least five people in Brooklyn.

The Rapist's crime scene locations and victims' police reports.

When Jonah Heidelbaum, who was trying to find the man who killed his grandmother, is arrested for vigilantism, Detective Kennedy Groton advises him to leave the detective work to the police, to which Jonah retorts that if they really were doing their jobs, they would've noticed by now that the locations of the rapist's crimes (which he's been observing on a bulletin board) match the A35 bus route, and he further accuses Groton of being useless for this fact and that no real progress has been made regarding his grandmother's murder.


  • While the South Brooklyn Rapist is an invention of the show, his crimes mirror that of other infamous serial killers/rapists that were active in the 1970s, such as David Berkowitz (a serial killer mentioned by his moniker "Son of Sam" in-universe), Ted Bundy (a serial killer and rapist who was also partly the inspiration for the central antagonist Travis Leich, although Bundy's crimes were outside of New York), etc.
  • Despite the show having many deplorable characters such as the aforementioned Travis, the rapist is somewhat uniquely terrible, given that he's the only villain mentioned to have committed rape, which many argue may be worse than murder.


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