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Souther is the main antagonist of the movie Fist of the North Star: The Legends of the True Savior: Legend of Raoh Martyred Love Arc and its novelization. One thing different from his canon counterpart is that his redeeming qualities are absent here.

He was voiced by Akio Ōtsuka, which dubbed also Amon in the OAV Amon: apocalypse of Devilman .


Souther is a muscular man with silver-blonde hair and dresses in dark pants.

Powers and Abilities

Souther is capable of commanding a group of underings to take people hostage and fire projectiles. He is also capable of throwing spears from the ground to impale people at the top of a pyramid.


The history of this version of Souther is almost identical to that of the canonical version of the character. However, in the film , there is no reference to Souther's sensei, Ogai, and his motive behind the pyramid is simply to express his hatred of love. Therefore, there is no scene in which a child stabs him to his leg, scene following which Suoher tells what a cold and ruthless man made him.

In the novelization, there is an additional scene where Souther sends brainwashed children out as suicide bombers, one of which almost kills Raoh's general, Reina. In the book there is also the scene in which the soldier and Shu's friend Rizo asks Souther to help Shu, a request to which Souther responds to the soldier who in exchange for Help to Shu, will have to give him the life of his family.

His death scene is different than in the manga or TV series. Rather then embracing his sifu's body and expressing remorse, Souther commits suicide by stabbing himself with his fist, taunting Kenshiro that he will not die by Hokuto Shinken and expressing his hatred for compassion.



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